Tuesday 19 October 2010

Spot the dog!

Today I have been busy sorting more fleece. With the bulk of the prime fibre off to the mill I have been sorting through the seconds i.e the neck, belly and any fleece of 27 microns or greater. The plan?...dog blankets amongst other things. I am still being vigilant with my quality control and discard any particularly coarse fibre...after all these blankets will be for posh pooches.

Tyke, as always came out  to the barn to keep me and Ken company whilst fleece sorting (that will be Ken Bruce for non radio 2 listeners). However I lost him this morning....where was he?...only asleep in the discarded fleece...that deemed too coarse for dog bed blankets...might there be some irony here!

Tyke...maybe I should use him for quality control!


  1. When you said " I lost him this morning" I thought you meant Ken Bruce. I know Pop Master questions can be challenging, but they are not that bad ;o))


  2. 4 extra large please. 4 Boxers envying Tykes part time job, any spare work going? Plenty of relevant experience, can provide references!

  3. What a fantastic photo....no rest for the wicked..then...Tyke must be angelic and perfect..to sleep that sound !!.....Ahhh.....Jayne

  4. Looking forward to seeing those dog blankets - what about cat blankets? My cats love to get in the fleece!

  5. BLess him. I have two kittens that will try anything to get into fleece. They seem to prefer the 'open' option rather than covered in fabric!

  6. Hi Barbara

    Just to let you and Paul know the Pheasent is booked for dinner. Hope we at least get to the main course.