Wednesday 13 October 2010

Happy that she's a diva!

Good news...Hoity-Toity kicked me today...just for the fun of it...just because I happened to be passing. I was going to spit her off again...but no need. She is obviously still pregnant. It is so easy to read her pre and post pregnancy behaviour. Hormones certainly bring out the diva in her!

I hope that I am not tempting fate by saying this, but things are looking hopeful for her holding her early pregnancy this time. Many thanks to Rob and Les at Wellground Alpacas who kindly offered to share their own experiences in this field. Fingers crossed their advice has worked.

Not much has been happening here over the past couple of days. The girls have settled in to their new field, the cria are enjoying the mirrors in their new barn, and everyone appears content. So photos it is:

Coming up to their new barn for tea; Galaxy and Roma lead the way. Finian in profile.

A mound of hard core (used for winter gate ways) makes a great view point. On watch: Nina and Lucie.

Unfortunately some 'sticky things' (what are they called?) have been left around the edges of the hay field and Minnie seems to have found then; judging by the hair do (above).

Nina on Velvet look out duties.

Oh...there she is!

Explorer was having none of this posing earlier. It was ears back or bottom. I thought that the bottom was probably better than the grumpy face. But with perseverance, I did get a photo of him front on and ears pricked. Okay messy chops, and I have missed his toes off, but it's the best I could manage (below)

Explorer...definitely growing into his personality!

Excuse the poor quality but rather cute I thought; Willow and Velvet bonding!


  1. Really pleased we could help Barbara. Keep going HT, you're doing just fine ;o))


  2. Would that be 'sticky buds' as I know them? from the plant Mrs. S knows as' sticky w*ll**s'!

  3. We have many sticky things here - known to us as sticky bombs!
    Always good when a pregnant female kicks you!!

  4. Nice bum...Explorer !! If my rear end looked as good..I'd have it photographed too !! come your photos..look like its summer there...where's the mud !!.....Jayne

  5. A kick from a pregnant Hoity is a special gift, I will get you some shin pads in anticipation of lots more hopefullly.