Monday 18 October 2010

Letting others do all the work!

It was operation barn floor this weekend. All the preparations had been completed and the required equipment had been delivered. The gang; Craig Phil and Stuart arrived early Saturday morning and Paul joined them as 'the boy'. I had opted to help out the staffing situation on the Intensive Care Unit (good move I thought!) so Robyn and Michelle were on sausage and bacon duties.

All went according to plan. The next job will be putting back the handling system, gates etc and a tidy up for winter. Good job lads. Cheers! (it was the usual form of payment).

The barn just about ready to be reassembled post concreting.

We are having some lovely autumn weather here, resulting in a lot of 'dead' looking alpacas lying about the paddocks. The herd do look very healthy and happy; enjoying a late burst of grass. The whole herd got their mineral and vitamin drench on Friday (we are back using is so much easier when they don't dislike the taste!) in readiness for the winter months.

Hollywood leading the boys fitness regime.

Almost Illegal...keeping pace ready for the girls next spring!

Kenzie (who hasn't had a photo for a while)

Aah.... Explorer loves his mummy!


  1. Smashing big barn, Barbara - looks like a good job has been done on the floor. Lovely photos of the pacas too.

  2. The barn looks fantastic....alpacas are looking can Explorer see his mummy..with all that...fleece !!......Jayne

  3. Great looking barn. Be careful though I may nip up one night in the wee hours and drag it back to Wiltshire!