Wednesday 5 May 2010

Snap Happy!

Another lovely warm day here. The alpacas have been lazing about with the occasional trip to the dust bath and water troughs. Katkin, who has a lot of fleece, doesn't do hot well and tends to head to the shelter when the temperature rises. She was rather hogging the dust bath today:

as well as the water trough, which was doing nothing for her goatee:

On the subject of water troughs; Hollywood has not completely mended his ways. I spot a rather damp looking leg there:

Fortunately Almost Illegal does seem to be staying dry if not clean. I managed to get a shot of him looking the part to send to The Netherlands:


  1. Nice photos...alpacas are looking good !....soon it will be shearing time !!....Jayne

  2. A lady with a goatee - now there's a thought!