Friday 21 May 2010

Cool Alpacas!

More hot weather and more disputes over water supplies. Camilla was actually the one hogging the main water trough today. I did take out some additional tubs of water, but it was inevitable that these would become paddling pools. Beattie is always first in for a dip (photo).

The heavily fleeced girls (Katkin, Hoity and Galaxy) have been spending much of their time in the shade of the barn. Fortunately the barn is always cool and usually has a healthy breeze blowing through.

All efforts to stop Hollywood from dunking himself in the water trough have failed. Paul heightened the sides with wood but this hasn't really helped (see below). Almost Illegal (Almo) and Hollywood have been entered in the Northumberland Show (31/05/10) but any chance of them turning up in pristine condition has long gone. Unfortunately their love of staying in the barn overnight just increases the chances of a fleece full of hay seeds! I know that showing is about presenting them in paddock condition but Hollywood might be a bit extreme.

Hollywood: Not looking his best after a dunking in the water trough!

Camilla is 377-days gestation today. I know that some of you might be thinking that I am just living in hope. I wouldn't blame you it keeps entering my head too. However I have taken a photo of the girl in question from behind. Surely??

I did hear from Jenny at Fowberry Alpacas yesterday. They have just had a male cria born after a 386-day gestation period! Jenny keeps extremely acurate records so there is no doubt about the dates. Going by that yardstick we will have to wait until a week on Sunday.

Last photo. I just wondered if anyone had any ideas what our two chicks are turning out to be. They are not like your average hen and run around like 'Roadrunner'. Strange!


  1. He He...nice try for the water trough....typical it didn't work after all that planning !! and work ! Im not commenting on Camilla....who knows !! I have been there..and waited and waited.....your chicks...are lovely....are there any Rhode Island by's in the area....Jayne

  2. Maybe I shouldn't tell you that we had baby number two here today then; but not from the one I thought would be next!

  3. 377 days! That's crazy, I hope SHE gets here soon.
    And Hollywood is still looking lovely even after his "bath"

  4. Anything is possible Jayne but they have really long necks when you see them stretch. At least they haven't got 4 wings like those Guinea fowl crosses that were in the paper!

  5. Hi Barbara, Lovely photos and the hot weather increases the work load doesn't it? Running around filling up water troughs with nice, cool, clear water to drink only to have the herd start another dunking session! We've had a variety of hens over the years but don't recognise your two chicks. Take care. Shirley & Robbie