Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Copying...that's Almost Illegal!

360 days and still waiting patiently...It was a lovely sunny day today just perfect for bringing a little cria into the world...Come on Camilla. From what I am hearing gestation periods of 365 days plus are quite the norm for this year. Maybe the long cold winter has taken it's toll.

It looks like I will be cancelling the hotel booking for the weekend. We had planned to go down to The BAS National Show as spectators but we won't be leaving an overdue alpaca or indeed a very new born cria. Unfortunately that will mean more gardening.

Phoebe has been started on a course on antibiotics (Excenel). She had a tooth abscess last October which resolved fairly quickly with antibiotics. However I saw at the weekend that there was a small amount of puss draining from the site again. We have decided that we will have the tooth x-rayed once her cria is born and have the tooth extracted if indicated. It is a more expensive option but clears up the problem for good and having had a recurring tooth abscess myself I can sympathise with Phoebe on this one.

I received an interesting email from the Netherlands yesterday regarding Anzac Almost Illegal (Almo). It appears that Almo's dam is now owned by a Dutch Veterinarian specialising in breeding and treating alpacas. Merungle Tempi of Anzac is to be their main donor in their ET-program (embryo transfer) and consequently they were interested in Almo's fleece stats etc (MFD: 16.2  %>30: 1.2%). It was good to hear that Almo's dam is considered to be of such high quality. I wonder if there will be lots of little Almo look-a-likes; Now that would be nice to see.

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  1. There will only ever be one Almo, the world cannot take even more cuteness!