Saturday, 1 May 2010

Battle lost!

I've had to admit defeat. Hollywood has managed to win the challenge despite my best efforts.

 Since moving the boys into their new paddock on Monday I had noticed that their water trough was getting very dirty very quickly. I had also noticed that Hollywood was getting very dirty very quickly. Possibly a connection? I think that is an affirmative (below):

Yesterday Hollywood gave Amanda and I a lovely demonstration of how to get most of your neck into an average sized water trough. In an attempt to stop this anti-social behaviour (after all others have to share) we blocked off most of the opening.

Attempt failed ... He has obviously still managed to get one leg in at a time and half of his neck. The trough has been emptied and a small bucket is in it's place. Thanks Hollywood back to trudging water around daily. Lets hope he looks slightly more presentable for the Northumberland show at the end of the month!

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