Friday 29 June 2012

Almost Illegally Cute...

We have another cria did arrive on Wednesday when the girls were due for lunch...unfortunately it arrived before they did...and in the pouring yet again my friends turned up looking all glamorous and there was I looking like a drowned rat!

The latest arrival is a brown male whom we have named Pedro. He is the first cria from Anzac Almost Illegal, who is light fawn. However, Mum (Pebbles) is a rich brown. He weighed in at 9.8kgs and was up and away in no time.

Beck Brow Pedro (sire Anzac Almost Illegal)

Lullaby has made amazing progress and is always up to some mischief. Here she is (below) with Shackleton checking out the camera case. We are still divided as to whether Shackleton is beige or white (I say beige) but he definitely deserves to be in the Explorer club...certainly our best cria so far this year!

Lullaby and Shackleton

Waradene St Patrick of EPC has also added to his growing family. Mr No Name As Yet joined the Florens herd last night at 7pm.

Caramella and son

It's another short blog...I am so tired I can't string a sentence there is no chance of any witty blog writing. Bottle feeding; a 12 hour nursing shift; and too much socialising... is taking it's toll on my old body. I am out with the girls tonight... think I will have to try for a little siesta if I am not going to fall asleep in my dinner!


  1. Loving the look of Pedro, very handsome.
    Now for goodness sakes get some rest before the next bout of birthing/bottle feeding/boozing!

  2. They are popping out all over the place up there - and such lovely colours!
    Go and have a quick lie down!

  3. Gorgeous Boy .....Congratulations he looks very handsome. Sounds like life in the fast lane is catching up on what happened to the retiring country lifestyle then ?? No Chance ! ...Jayne

  4. Pedro certainly is a good looking chap. Hope you are now having some respite from the terrible weather. Shirley & Robbie

  5. If you hadn't mentioned camera case, I would have thought it was velvet Shackelton was going to have a look at.