Tuesday, 12 June 2012

What a difference a day makes!

Many thanks for all your kind comments regarding our care of Lullaby...I know that you all would have done exactly the same...Lullaby is by far the weakest cria that we have had born here...but she really did want to live...and Bahati never gave up hope. Sometimes things don't have a positive outcome despite every effort but she really does demonstrate that it is worth persevering (fingers crossed we continue onwards). She has achieved more than we dared to hope a week ago...but today really has been a day for great progress:

This morning...stand me up and I can keep my balance pretty well now...the head is a bit heavy though

 Lunchtime... I seem to have fan club...now I can hold my head up and walk if stood

 Afternoon... not only can I stand up unaided... I can jog after my Mum!

Now I accept that she isn't looking her best so some photos of the rest this year's cria so far;

 Beck Brow Lexus (sire Waradene St Patrick of EPC) at the loo

Beck Brow Lula (sire; EPC Top Account of Fowberry) who is light fawn

 High Winder Ben (sire; St Patrick)

 Wiseman Alpacas Coco (sire; St Patrick)

Here is Sophia loving Lexus...her cria is Lula!!

We had to make a trip to the vet's yesterday afternoon for some antibiotics. We noticed that Katkin wasn't always letting little Ben nurse, and that she looked rather uncomfortable. Further investigation revealed a badly cracked nipple and a hard left back quarter. We extracted some milk with difficulty and it looks like the start of mastitis. She has been given Co-Amoxiclav and anti-inflamatories. We have also dropped in a milk sample at the VLA for testing. Ben has also had a couple of bottles to take the pressure off Mum.

With all my excitement about Explorer working...we now seem to have a slight problem...he only likes white females! I wonder if this is natural behaviour...and if in the wild they would be selective by colour? Well when he gets no other choices... I am sure he will change his mind!


  1. Wow, what a fantastic improvement, well done Lullaby, well done Bahati, and especially well done Barbara and Paul, brilliant result.

  2. Fantastic news! Well done you two, great job!
    What's up with Explorer then? White females only? He could get himself into trouble with an attitude like that!

  3. I love those pics of Lullaby! Well done all around.

    And see ... that's what happens when you give the boy a cigar. :)

  4. Great news on Lullaby, you go girl!

    On the colour thing, Mary our black girl is the same, it's black for her or forget it. We took her for a mating to a white and she spat at him the whole way through the mating and didn't take. Switched her to a black and she took first time. We've tried since with Guinea and she wasn't having brown eithe!!

  5. Fabulous news about Lullaby, fingers crossed she keeps progressing at the same rate x

  6. Fantastic news about Lullaby....she is doing so well, fingers crossed she keeps heading in the right direction....as for the colour thing ....I have the same....they do like to keep to their same/similar shade....we had exactly the same last year with one of my girls....and she certainly did not like her suiter.

  7. Great to see the recovering Lullaby. Well done for your care. Shirley & Robbie

  8. Lullaby looks great - they all do!

    The black thing is really interesting and I am glad it is not only mine! I have a light fawn girl who I am desperate to mate to a black but she is having none of it - despite dropping like a stone when the white male is around!

  9. Great news about Lullaby...lovely to see her up and about! I think females are choosy about their suitors...just like us!