Saturday 12 May 2012

Our Alpaca Shop...Shooting, Spitting and Sitting

I like to think that I am a glass half full person...think positive and positive things will happen...always look on the bright side of life...well, that's my philosophy. With that in mind...all I can say is... at least we won't have to water the hanging baskets for some time! Yes, it has been has been torrential...we have even had hail stones...and frost this morning! Paul who does not live life guided be my approach...has been getting rather repetitive..."It's ridiculous, it's May"...the more annoyed he gets the more syllables it seems to get... "RID...IC...U...LOUS"... if you can imagine the Victor Meldrew / grumpy old man tone. 

Anyway today it stopped raining, so Robyn was called upon for a photo shoot. I know that sounds rather just amounted to Robyn washing her hair before she came round (I notice she hadn't bothered to iron her t-shirt) and me with the camera. Should be simple...157 photos would seem not.

Gloves were okay: 

Hats from the back...okay

Location work proved to be tricky in the wind..."'s May"

Then the photographer has used the wrong lens

I think this is as good as it is going to get

I will be loading the stock on to the website tomorrow...a few more photos required!

Maddi (our niece)

At least we now have some hand knit stock for our alpaca shop 

Back to the subject of positive thinking; We have decided to start our matings earlier this year...according to Paul the reason for this is...I was bored this is not wholly true (maybe just a little bit)...the reasons are:

  • Galaxy (who lost her pregnancy at 7 months gestation) was desperate to be re mated and was behaving like a witch (which is very unlike her)

  • I want to get Explorer working so I wanted him to watch St Patrick.

Galaxy was very pleased to be mated....Explorer was not interested in watching!

Now the positive thinking bit...we did some spit-offs...Pepsi who was scanned as empty, but looks pregnant to us, spat off (very good news if she is)....Lady Gaga, who wasn't scanned as she was mated late in the season...sat (very bad news)...trying to be positive;

  • She at least had a female last year (she lost her first cria)
  • She was going to have to drop a season at some point to get away from autumn births.
  • She is the most gorgeous alpaca.

So Galaxy, Holly and Lady Gaga have all been mated to St. Patrick, and we will mate Poppet (Paige Turner) to him tonight. Metisha is still open (waiting to see if Explorer works) and April (our new black female) is waiting to be mated with our black male Viracocha Black Sabbath (who will be joining us soon). Viracocha Black Sabbath was 1st placed Adult Black Male and Res. Champion Black Male at the South of England Show last weekend...he is at Newark and Notts today just waiting to hear how he has done.

Thank you to those who have been asking after Tyke...he is fine now thanks.


  1. Very lovely knitwear - and bits of fingers on the gloves - very tricky that!
    The 'wind blown fringe photo' looks lovely.
    Looking forward to the Newark and Notts results.

  2. Love the 'behind-the-scenes' at the photo shoot Barbara - arm bands were advised for non-swimmers at the North Somerset Show last monday - tonight 'they' forecast minus one for rural areas in Somerset - in the middle of May - RID...IC...U..LOUS! :-)

  3. Lovely photos, lovely knitwear but not so lovely weather here either. Pleased that Tyke is OK. Shirley & Robbie

  4. Your knitwear looks gorgeous...what a super model! Rid..ic..ulous eh...maybe when your grass is still lush in September you'll change your mind! Just to make you jealous...we're having great weather with glorious sunshine today!

  5. A great deal of production going on at Beck Brow Barbara and a good read as always!

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