Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Big Reveal

After all the hot weather, our shearing day arrived, along with the rain. Having believed the weather forecast (thankfully as it was correct) we had all the alpacas in from 9pm last night. Paul waved goodbye this morning as he headed off to work first thing; before Ben (our shearer) arrived at 7.30 am. Fortunately Robyn had arrived just before him. We were also helped by Mum (homemade chocolate cake), Dad, Amanda and Diana...many thanks folks!

It is incredible how different the alpacas look with their fleeces never fails to amuse me...and of course there is always some surprises....

 I wouldn't have believed it...but Beck Brow Snooty Boots looks ever cuter!

 Beck Brow Explorer has been keeping somethings hidden under his tail...if we get another heatwave he will be needing some suncream....Wowzer Explorer!

 Biba and April appear just to have noticed that they are both blue blacks...they have been taking a great interest in each other since getting naked.

 Alfie seizes an opportunity to look cute.

 Wiseman Alpacas Coco - born yesterday - can't believe her eyes

Coco...bright as a little button

I am pleased to say that everyone who should be pregnant, looks pregnant with their fleeces off...including Pepsi Lola.


  1. Lovely picture of Alfie - what exactly do you say or do to get them to pose so well? or is it too embarrassing to divulge!?

  2. Get the Ambre Solair ready for Explorer! Very impressive!

  3. Wow, Explorer is certainly packing a good pair of doodahs there!