Saturday 19 May 2012

The wrong kind of shearing!

Paul's new toy arrived yesterday whilst he was at work. Not getting the chance to try it out yesterday, as we were out at a wedding later in the day, he was up bright and early this morning. It would be fair to say that Paul does not enjoy poovering...the air if often blue...and Paul red...he wouldn't admit to this, but I have actually seen him kicking the poo picker.

So the new toy? A Suffolk paddock sweeper. Jim Hewitt from RT Machinery drove up from Bucks to deliver the sweeper and to set it up on the back of the tractor. It took Jim six hours of driving and two hours to set it up... and Paul one hour to break it. Yes, too fast around corners is my guess...anyway he has broken a shearing pin!

 So, I can only give you a limited review, but I expect it is going to save us hours of poovering time. The grass will need to be kept well topped and I expect we will still use the poover some of the time, but first impressions are good....not least because of the reduced noise levels. It does scarify the land as well as sweeping up the poo, which will encourage the grass to grow too. Amazing how I managed to poover for three years...when Paul takes over due to my bad back we get something that goes on the back of a tractor!

Paul paddock sweeping...don't go too fast around those corners!

To give Paul the opportunity to try out his paddock sweeper uninterrupted, I decided to move the girls on to new grass out of the way. I also put the female weanlings back in with the main about excited alpacas...

An open gate...that's all it takes to move alpacas!

Silverstream Galaxy took the prize for the most outstanding display of excitement:

Nobody likes a show off...Inca Van Dieman Chaska looks unimpressed

Lady Gaga was a close second but I only caught her once her display had finished:

EP Cambridge Lady Gaga

The female weanlings now back with the main group


  1. Lovely photos as usual!

    The paddock sweeper looks interesting - how is it at cornering? Does it pick up everything?!

  2. You are supposed to lift the wheels when turning...seemingly I forgot to tell Paul this (not the case) hence the snapped pin. It does work best doing straight strips and keeping the brushes just 'kissing' the ground. We were advised to go around the outside of the paddock then just up and down. Leaves the paddocks looking very nice like a football pitch!

    I think we need to try it longer before reviewing but it looks like it is going to do a good job if the grass isn't too long. I don't expect it can be quite as good as very vigilant poovering every day, but our herd is constantly expanding meaning that we are spending hours and hours poovering. I think we will be combining the two methods i.e me poovering, Paul sweeping!

  3. Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha! I know that 'poover love-hate relationship very well - I did enjoy your photo's showing Galaxy's excitement.

  4. Great photo's! I've heard very mixed reviews of the sweeper so am very keen to hear how you get on.

  5. Fantastic photos....hope the sweeper is soon repaired ! Just typical...teething problems and maybe a bit of operator error ! Im sure it will be sweeping those padocks like a well groomed Axminster !....soon ...Jayne

  6. Great photos Barbara and LIKE the new paddock cleaner!!