Wednesday 16 May 2012

An Objective Assessment (SRS)

Now, I will forgive you if you have thought that I am a little bias where Beck Brow Explorer is concerned...I have actually thought the same thing myself at times. Yes, I know I keep saying that he has an abundance of fleece... and that his guard hair can't be seen...well... it is official...Beck brow Explorer is an outstanding male.

We have had his results back from the SRS herd assessment. The three key traits that are measured are; density, fleece growth, and the difference between primary and secondary fibres (the lower the better). He has above average density but the outstanding results for me were:
  • The difference between the mean fibre diameter (MFD) of his primary and secondary fibres. Whereas we would have expected this to be around 10 microns (as with most of the stud males featured on the SRS programme) Explorer's difference between the two was only 5.3 microns. This is excepectionally good
  • He was also exceptional in his fleece growth (told you he wasn't fat!). Again even with SRS males we would be happy with 0.31mm - 0.37mm growth per day (age dependent) Explorer's growth was an amazing 0.46mm per day!
We now need to get him interested in the girls...we have a queue forming!

The sun has been out today, even if it has remained windy, meaning the weanlings have been enjoying a bit of  mischief.

Easter-Wood Adelle may look a picture of innocence:

but something had caught her eye:

Velvet however hasn't noticed:

Oops now she has....Go Velvet go;

Oh no that's pretty nifty cornering;

Reinforcements are on their way in the form of Beck Brow Snooty Boots and Beck Brow Rumour Has It:

Beck Brow Crystal Maze also joins in:

It all becomes a bit too much for Velvet and she decided to surrender to Rumour:

 Even flipping her tail in alpaca communication...I give up you win:

Whilst we have been debating the pregnancy status on one or two of our females, I don't think that there is any doubt about Biba:

Biba (right) with April (left) and Sophia


  1. Nice sequence Barbara - Velvet got away lightly, they obviously know her - I only commented to Joy today, how Bramley and Camelot often chase a chicken, but thankfully never seem to get one - must enjoy the chase! Interesting stats (and good!).

  2. Stats to be proud of!

    Can't wait for births to start!

  3. I am wondering how you measure fiber growth per day. I presume you don't pick one and measure it every day !

  4. Great set of photos Barbara proving again what a great turn of speed the 'pacas have when they want to. We're still waiting to see Tyke and Velvet pronking though! Shirley & Robbie

  5. Great stats Barbara..............and poor velvet!!