Saturday, 26 May 2012

Too hot for some!

First it was too cold, then it was too hot. Whatever the reasons we still have no cria. This morning there is a slight breeze so we will see. Poor Chaska, who has an enormous fleece, has not been out of the barn for three days. However, this morning she has just ventured out through the door... and fell asleep in the trough!

Inca Van Dieman Chaska make sure nobody drinks all the water!

I have just heard that we have a provisional shearing date for Tuesday (earlier if wet but the forecast is dry). The sooner the better in this heat. We found some rather loose poo in the paddock, although we suspected it was due to someone over heating, Paul tested it under the microscope and nothing was found. 

I have been out taking some photos of the girls in full fleece before they go naked.

Beck Brow Fine Romance (Roma) looks like a macho...although she is very girlie

EP Cambridge Lady Gaga decided to have a dip in the water trough then a roll in the dust bath...just what you need before shearing. Here she is keeping Beck Brow Crystal Maze (11 months and 66.5 kilos) out of the bath.

Beck Brow Snooty Boots and Beck Brow Rumour Has It friends!

Easter-Wood Adelle...whom I haven't caught trying to suckle from Metisha of late...may just have missed it!

We spat off Beck brow Pepsi Lola again on Friday (Pepsi had been scanned empty) and she spat. So she is either incredibly fat with a retained CL or she is pregnant...hopefully the latter.

Beck Brow Pepsi that belly looking pregnant to you too?

Paul is out at High Winder Alpacas (they purchased some females from us earlier in the year) with Michael Henderson from Cockerham Alpacas. Michael kindly offered to shear the girls...lucky girls...just the weather!

I expect Paul is intending to do some more paddock sweeping this afternoon...I found him in the shed earlier...looking for some rubber for his skirt!

I am working night shifts for the next two nights, so what's the bets we get a cria tomorrow when I need to doubt I will instruct Paul to wake me up!


  1. I'll put my money on Pepsi being pregnant!

  2. Sure looks pregnant to me! But then again..............

  3. Looks pregnant to me - but what do I know?!

  4. You look to have a few polar bears...we just have two polar bears. poor girls waiting to be sheared until after they have birthed!

  5. Lovely photos as always. The heatwave has passed for us now, much cooler - hope it's a more reasonable temperature with you too. Shirley & Robbie