Wednesday 13 July 2011

Life is good...

It is very difficult to spend time in the cria field and not feel cheered...the innocence and their love of life is infectious...but there is one little boy who has it in bucket loads...and that is little Max. He really did have a rocky start (probably more so than came across in the blog at the time; for fear of being a constant doom and gloom merchant!). He is always playing...and if nobody else wants to join in...he just pronks away on his own. I think Minnie may have passed on her 'adorable' gene.

Max...just loving it!

Not everyone is quite as happy unfortunately...Explorer is not loving his new field...he is still pining for Lucie. Here he is, a flower between his teeth, pleading that she come over...

Explorer with a flower for Lucie...

But's not working...despair is setting in....

Despair... set in concrete!

Explorer's sister has no such worries...enjoying the can see that she shares her brother's bright white fleece.

Rumour Has It...enjoying the sunshine!

Finesse also enjoying the good life...with Holly as cushion!

Beck Brow Finesse...

I have to admit to having enjoyed the sunshine over the past few days. There is always an outside job to be done in order to take advantage of the good weather. The past couple of days have seen numerous gates and miles of fencing treated with wood preservative.

Actually, I am so done with painting, that I am just about looking forward to fleece skirting. I have just had a call today to say approximately 350 fleece will be ready for us to collect next week, in addition to the 100 I need to collect from Blueberry Alpacas. And I haven't started on my own yet. I can see a visit to the osteopath might be on the cards! I keep buying fleece and still haven't put anything for sale on the website yet...If I don't watch out I am going to become known as the Fleece Squirrel!

The problem is so much to do; so little time...I still haven't got to the hairdressers yet...we are taking some alpacas to The Cumberland Show on Saturday, so an appointment has been made for Friday. Amanda has kindly offered to farm watch whilst I get some time out. I have just worked out that taking Blanche's average gestation period...she should have her cria on Friday...oh least one of them is an old pro!


  1. Those photos of Explorer are fab, Barbara!

  2. As usual - a superb series of photos, made me smile!

  3. 350!!!!!!!! your hired! lovely photos.

  4. You certainly have a bunch of happy cria there Barbara!

  5. I just love Max !...he is infectious indeed and rather handsome...Poor Explorer he looks rather sad..............over the fence...waiting for his fair lady.....with a Daisy !!....Ahhh Bless him.......and still staying strong are doing well.....resisting those charming looks........Fantastic photos......Jayne

  6. Poor Explorer he does look sad, but great photos. I never get tired of watching the cria, they certainly do raise your mood and make you smile.


  7. Poor Explorer, it's not as though you can comfort him with a hug, it's just not something he does.. I thought about sending him some old pals to play with, but that would be no substitute for Lucie, and we'd miss our boys too much. Be strong girl.