Sunday 3 July 2011

Another legless presentation...

Today we had a visit from Sophie (Craig's little sister). Although, Sophie wishes to become a vet in the future, she got rather more experience than we had anticipated. Another head and no legs presentation...what is going on...I managed to get one leg but just couldn't get the second (again). Luckily the vet was only 15 minutes away (and on a Sunday, how fortunate was that!) and helped deliver a lovely brown female (could be dark fawn??) for Bonita. We have of course named the cria Sophie.

Beck Brow born

A helping hand to sit up from Robyn and Sophie, and then we leave them to it.

Anzac Hollywood's Attitude (light fawn) is producing some great coloured cria. Sophie is a very similar colour to Pebbles' cria that we lost. We are not sure if we can blame him now for the legs back, as Rumour also had problems. Our vet is experiencing a lot of similar presentations with calves this year...could it have something to do with the strange weather conditions that we have experienced in the North West...Summer in April; late autumn conditions in May and June?

Rumour is doing well and refused her bottle this morning. She is now a mighty 9.1 kgs...what a relief (although few of us can claim to dislike bottle feeding it is great to be unwanted!)

We had an extremely busy day yesterday at Skelton Village Show. With over 10,000 visitors each year it is the biggest village show in Cumbria, and indeed one of the biggest in the UK. I expect that number will have been well and truly topped this year, as we had brilliant sunshine (rare round these parts of late) and the crowds were continuous. Lucie, Poppet and Parisien were there to represent Beck Brow Alpacas and Parisien especially was a little star, loving all the attention. I think that they must have been posing by the end of the day, they had had so many photographs taken! It was a great day, and we talked to so many lovely people about alpacas, I am however rather hoarse today...I think that it was competing with the brass band nearby that did it!


  1. Robyn is sooo photogenic...are you going use her to model your 2011 alpaca wear?!

  2. Legless again Barbara? But seriously, really pleased you had a good outcome.

  3. Yes, Robyn is very beautiful - - - and both Sophie's!
    Beginning to wonder if we are due a birth problem soon - hope not!

  4. I just rushed out to tell Noah. He took it in his stride

  5. You've certainly had more that your fair share of difficult births this year. Lets hope the rest of them are plain saling. Sophie (both of them) look lovely.

  6. Lovely photo of all the young ladies!

  7. Sophie looks lovely and .............
    Another legless presentation......... seems very apt for you Barbara!