Tuesday, 5 July 2011

And relax...

Phew!...dangerous I know...dangerous to say phew right in the middle of the birthing season...but this morning it had to be said. Nobody is needing any bottle feeding, and everyone has put on weight (well except me...I am losing weight and gaining grey hairs!)...so phew it is.

I blame Amanda. Amanda asked if she could keep her 2 pregnant females here on livery until they had birthed. The idea was that not only would she be supported with her own births, but she would also be on call to witness as many of ours as she could. Well, she has certainly acquired some experience, plenty of things signed off in the portfolio of evidence. I think it's going to be a first class honours...that's enough Amanda, lets have the rest straight forward please.

It is hardly surprising that little Bonita had trouble getting Sophie out unaided (yes if we had known that Hollywood was going to be such a big strong boy we may have chosen differently for such a small female). Weighing 9.0 kgs at birth, she is so tall when compared to her dam, it's amazing that she actual fit inside there.

Bozedown Bonita with Beck Brow Sophie.

Anzac Hollywood's Attitude has done a really go job of strengthening the colour of his cria. Sophie is a lovely solid, even, brown despite Hollywood being light fawn

Anzac Hollywood's Attitude...archive photo from the winter...sorry really should have gone out to take a new one...but you can see his colour!

I have been on a new morning regime for a week now. Up early to check on everyone, then a long walk with the dogs; Velvet and Tyke. Velvet (Jack Russell x Cocker Spaniel) has been chewing...chewing her bed...chewing our bed. The plan is to get her tierd out early (when you are also walking a Minature Yorkie this isn't easy, I have to carry Tyke some of the way as his little legs get worn out) and it has seemed to be working...less chewing. Until today that is...I stopped to check an email on my phone...and when I started to walk again I did notice that something didn't seem quite right...I looked behind... and there was Tyke looking very disgruntled...left sitting on the grass with his lead chewed in two...VELVET!!!

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  1. Crikey, Tyke is a miniature Yorkie?
    He must be barely visible to the naked eye!