Saturday 9 July 2011

Cria photos...taken by a strong women!

Thanks for the advice Mark (Patou Alpacas)...I have taken it on board...I have pulled myself together. Explorer has been longer do I hear him more shall he embarrass his poor mother (he was trying to mate Galaxy last night and she was sitting for him!)...he is not happy...but I am strong.

Just to make sure he was alright, I found an excuse to be in the paddock...taking cria photos (not the best I'm afraid, apart from being a gloomy day...I was distracted...I kept looking over into the other poor boy!)

An out of focus Beck Brow Rumour chewing Beck Brow Synergy's ear (both EPC Top Account of Fowberry)

Beck Brow Finesse (Legacy of Purston)

Young Punk Annabelle (Anzac Hollywood's Attitude)

Florens Fendi (Witness) with Beck Brow Sophie behind (Hollywood)

Beck Brow Magellan (Neptune of Houghton) and behind Beck Brow Katie (Legacy)

Beck Brow Crystal (Ambersun Baltimore) and Synergy behind (less than 2 weeks old!)

Our little hero Beck Brow Max (Hollywood)

Florens Satchmo in the foreground with his best mate Annabelle close by.

As you can see from the photos we have far too much grass this year. Paul is constantly topping which seems such a waste. We have one field that we have kept for hay, but are now wishing that we had set aside more land (I know it is a different story in the South where hay is expected to be in short supply). It is raining again now with the bonus of thunder and lightening...some summer!


  1. Great photo's, I just love baby photo's!

    We too have had thunder, lightening and even hail today.

  2. Us too ! We had to run for the shelter and it hailed stones the size of footballs ... well it sounded like that inside the shelter ... Three wet alpacas in close company for 20min. Nice smell boys.

  3. What a great year book they all make. Rumour is so pretty and feminine, just like her mum.

  4. Lovely photos, and I'm very proud of you!

    Andrew, Wet alpacas - uncooked basmati rice, smells the same, lovely!

  5. Lovely photos of the cria line up ! Thunder storms just in time for haymaking .....nice !(NOT)....but quite typical ....stay strong...and don't give can do it !!......Jayne

  6. That little face...Rumour Has It...ahhhh! In fact, they're all totally gorgeous! Poor Explorer...he'll soon find out that life can be great if you're a stud male and then he'll forget his current misery!