Sunday, 10 April 2011

Filling the photography obligations

It has been a beautiful sunny weekend here in Cumbia, as it has been throughout the UK. With some photo obligations to fill we really couldn't make any excuses about the weather; the wind or the rain; any issues were going to be down to the handler and/or the photographer.

Firstly we thought it was high time we got that photo of St. Patrick in his ribbons, as promised for Sharon at Waradene Alpacas in Australia. We didn't quite manage a one with all four legs on the ground, but a much better attempt than last time:

Waradene St. Patrick of EPC.

On the subject of ribbons; many congratulations to the mighty Patou Alpacas on a fantastic SWAG show.  Glad I didn't set any challenges there Mark!

The second photography challenge was to get a photo of the new sign with some alpacas in the background, for the blacksmith who created it. We did actually manage to get one of the sign with head shots and no Craig, but I rather liked this one.

Craig, the sign, St. Patrick and Almost Illegal.

The final challenge was to try to get a photograph for the side of our new van (if we decide to use a photo...jury still out). This one of St. Patrick with Anzac Almost Illegal (Almo) is definitely one of the contenders.

Waradene St. Patrick with Anzac Almost Illegal on best behaviour...two posers together.

Short blog as it really is BBQ weather...can't believe this is April...maybe we should consider early matings after all!


  1. That St Pat's a lovely boy. Love the photo at the gate - you could even be in Cumbria! Take care. Shirley & Robbie

  2. Yes, he is a lovely boy!
    Looking forward to seeing this van - sounds like it is going to look almost as stunning as St Patrick!

  3. Lovely photos...and the boys are looking you're getting a van then !!...The trailer didn't last was too small anyway......wasn't it Barbara !! it a Big van....then !!.....looking forward to seeing the new van and the new decals !!.......Jayne

  4. NIce photograph Barbara, that boy of yours does look good!

  5. What splendid chaps, especially that handsome St Patrick...won't show Chica though....she'd definately have her eye on him, as she fancies trying for a fawn this time! He'd make a great pin-up for her "bedroom" wall though, just to help get her in the mood for love as she took a little encouragement last time!

  6. Love the photo's Barbara and I do like what your blacksmith has done with your new sign!