Wednesday 5 January 2011

Wii must make more effort...

It has been a busy couple of days as everyone is back to work after the extended holidays. Spinning, weaving and knitting have been the main items on the agenda. I met with Nicola, our designer, a couple of weeks ago and we have agreed on the final designs for the Beck Brow range. We are so impressed by her work, I do feel that I really owe it to her to ensure the finished article is of the best standard possible...more learning curves!

The halter training is coming on leaps and a figure of speech...not leaps or bounds we are past that stage...we are now reaching cat walk standard! Finian has been promoted to assistant trainer, with Amanda as his apprentice.

All the cria have been down to the lane end and back (a fair distance for those who haven't visited us). The cria who were not initially so keen were encouraged by Finian, who led the way every time...unfair to have him out so often? should try stopping him...he loves it!

In fact if Finian hadn't already found lovely new owners, we would have had him appointed as the Beck Brow promotions manager..he is a little star. I have to say; Alpacas nearly always make great pupils...once you gain their trust, their inquisitiveness usually always gets the better of them in the end!

I have avoided any New Year resolution for 2011. I am older enough to know that I have no willpower. Resolutions that include abstinence are always a no go. So, I usually make some vague effort to add something...usually compensate. So far I have a mechanical exercise horse that only gets used at parties... as well as all the DVDs and last year it was a Wii Fit... Ben is home and enquired if I had been using it much...not that often I I am made to stand on the board..."welcome back Barbara...long time since we have seen you... it has been 362 days!!!"...Thanks...I had forgotten that it grassed you up...but then it has been some time...

I am off to do a night shift at the hospital now...that's today's exercise covered I feel!


  1. You're spinning, weaving and knitting?!!!!
    Superwoman! You can't possibly need a Wii!

  2. Surely you do not need the Wii !! having all these jobs on the go....more like a Lie Down !.....instead.....especially after being grassed up !'ve had see the arrival of a new cria !!........Jayne

  3. I'm sure that alpaca chores keep you fit so... ditch the wii and begin feel virtous when you're paddock cleaning, halter training, walking round to check everyone is ok, filling hay nets and water buckets on top of all those boring jobs indoors!