Thursday 6 January 2011

A disclaimer!

With regard to last night's rushed blog (I was heading off for a night shift) I feel that I should add the following disclaimer: Any insinuation that the writer of this blog, has the talent to spin, weave or knit to a standard deemed to be the 'best possible', was not intended.  She apologies for giving the impression that this might be the case.

Thank you Rosemary for the compliment of misinterpreting that I was actually doing the tasks myself; I can see that it read so. However the clue was in the standard required. Whilst I have done a little spinning and knitting, unfortunately this would not fall into said category!!

I have actually been busy procuring the services of others. I am having to learn a whole new language and understanding of processes I hadn't even considered. Just when I mastered Yorkshire skeins I find out this isn't a universal term...that may seem obvious now... I know. Luckily all of the skilled craftsmen I am liaising with seem to be blessed with not only patience but a desire to share their knowledge. I think it is all just about coming together...maybe for next Christmas!

I seem to be having problems with misinterpretation. Paul rang earlier to say that he had just called in to see Brian and Kim (Town End Alpacas) and had visited their new store. The phone reception was not great, but I did catch that he had bought a surprise...Now, Paul is not one for such I enquired further....what exciting purchase could he have made...turns out that he had said that he had... bought some pies!...well it does rhyme.

It has been a bit of a grey day today with some light rain. Not the weather for poo picking  (well I didn't feel quite that dedicated after a night shift) so after catching a couple of hours sleep, I have spent some time socialising with the weanlings. All of our cria have been well handled since birth which in our experience does help them at weaning time. If you can't have Mum... much better to have someone you trust to give out the cuddles! I have even managed to gain Parisien's trust, not the easiest task (you may remember she spat from day one) but it is just about task accomplished.

Not the weather for photos but I managed this one for Amanda. A head shot of Amanda's girl; Cambridge Caramella. By her expression, I am guessing that she hasn't seen a camera too often before!

Cute nose Caramella!


  1. I know I am a tad biased but thats a lovely shot of Caramella and her teddybear looks! Thanks Barbara.

  2. Thank goodness for that!
    I was beginning to feel mighty inferior what with all the impeccably behaved animals on their halter training exercises, ultra clean alpacas, knitting . . . !