Wednesday 19 January 2011

Not the best day...Poor Velvet.

The day set off well...too well. I am superstitious and always 'thank my lucky stars' when things are good. It was another lovely morning and it is so peaceful and beautiful here where we live, that I was thinking how grateful I should be. The dogs were out with me and Velvet, as always was being very entertaining.

As I was sweeping up, Phoebe and Minnie were the only alpacas up by the shelter. So, as I went to put some more hay in the feeder; I turned to talk to them; walking backwards at the same time..."ah Minnie Moo are you with your Mummy, that's sooo sweet"....kinda thing. What I wasn't doing was look where I was going. I slipped on a stone and did this comedy know the one where your legs end up higher than your head and you end up flat on your back in a fit of giggles (I am sure this is a middle-aged thing as I don't remember such indignity in my younger days). Well Velvet was on top of me in no time checking that I was okay, licking my face and urging me to get up. Once I was on my feet she looked at Phoebe and Minnie, obviously thinking that it was their fault and promptly chased them down the field. Not good ...but loyal!

Consequently I love her back equally. So... the end to the beautiful morning? The postwoman...speeding down the lane to the farm...Velvet crossing the lane (i.e on our own property). The peace and quite broken by my screaming. By the thump I really thought that she would be dead. I jumped in the post van and we were taken to the vets (Not thinking I didn't have the car to get home...thankfully my father picked me up). En route I remembered that in my panic I had not closed the feed shed door...H.T and Galaxy like a bit of private dining so I was concerned that they might go in and help themselves...a call was made and it was Amanda to the rescue. I work on Intensive Care...why can't I cope?!!!

I have just been to collect sleepy, very sickly Velvet...but she is going to be okay. Metacam, antibiotics and a strapped leg. She is supposed to be wearing a plastic collar but it wasn't going down well...I am hoping that she is a bit too off colour to be picking at dressings today...anyway it's off for now.

Velvet with her 'bad leg'

Crushed Velvet

A bit Velvet leave it.


  1. Ah...poor Velvet !!...what a nightmare !!..I thought those sort of things only happened to me !!.....has she broken her leg !....Thankfully she is still doesn't bare thinking about ! I think a good drink is in order just to calm those nerves.......Hope Velvet is soon much better and managed to leave that bandage alone ...................Phew...what a Day !...Jayne

  2. Thank goodness Velvet is ok, could have been unthinkable! Think the collar will have to go on again though...judging by the last photo! We had the same dilemma with Karma and left the collar off whilst we were with him but he had to wear it at night. We did wonder whether leaving it on was better though as he seemed to take a while to settle to it each time we put it back on. May have been kinder to leave it on but we felt he wanted to wash...dogs don't do that so maybe easier!
    "Get well soon Velvet!" from us at La Grand Mere!

  3. Poor Velvet! She looks pretty perky, despite her ordeal - and very cute!

  4. Phew, pleased she is o.k, considering - I bet you're aching, now you've got time to think about it!

  5. Why do Posties always drive like there is a fire somewhere? That Velvet knows how to put on a sad face! Hope the bandage stays on for a while, but bet it doesn't. Hope you are both none the worse for your experiences. Take care. Shirley & Robbie

  6. Poor Velvet, it doesn't look like it will be long before she's back to her old self, and I hope you have better luck with the colar than I did, Tilly could get hers off no matter how tight I tied it (and the vet for that matter).

  7. Poor little Velvet, glad to see her on her feet in the last photo. Give her a hug from us.

  8. Velvet is much better this morning thanks...not broken Jayne just cut and bruised...she is trying to chase the cat so all's well!