Monday, 3 January 2011

Halter Training...step by step does it

Last night brought the last of our festive partying, with a hog roast and jazz band down at the local pub. It was a good night and a little refreshment was enjoyed. However, some of the boys upon returning home, decided that a few malt whiskeys, drank into the wee hours, would be a good probably was at the time...thankfully I did not participate..bad heads seemed to be the result...whatever...shirking morning halter training duties was not allowed!..

 Craig with Noah...just a little push start required

 Noah and Finian on the return journey...cracked it!

Explorer set off a bit grumpy (of course)...

...but soon started to enjoy the outing (Roma behind)

Parisien was rather less enthusiastic but did eventually get going...the look on her face says it all...not best pleased I'd say!

Lucie was even more reluctant to walk but did with persuasion from Craig...much better than her previous outing when she sat and refused to budge for Paul...a little charm goes a long way obviously!

I had to include Craig (with Kenzie) looking like 'catalogue man'...sorry Craig!

The Beck Brow Team...Cheers!

This afternoon's task?...all evidence of the festive season to be removed from the house...decorations to be to be recycled...drinks cabinet to be locked!


  1. Must be the best hangover cure there is...a walk in the Cumbrian fresh air in the company of some gorgeous cria! They all look to be on form...the alpacas that is, can't really tell whether the "boys" are having fun!

  2. ...and presumably Barbara, you were dangling the carrot/ shouting instructions/ whispering encouragement/ and taking the photographs!:-)

  3. I admire the dedication - yours that is for making it happen, well done!!

  4. Yes well done Barbara, it looks as the training is going well, boys and cria..