Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Enjoying the quiet

Things are pretty quiet here on the alpaca front. Although I am a little envious of all the new spring cria being born, our summer births mean that I still have a little longer to enjoy my free time away from the farm. Today a walk was planned so it was an early start on daily tasks. Everyone was fed, watered and the barns were all cleaned by 8.30am.
As you can see in the photo the girls are very used to visitors and always come up to greet everybody. Corrine, Jane and Cath got a warm welcome before we headed off for a six mile circular walk starting from Askham (near Penrith) and across the moors.
Paul and I have been having some discussions as to when to start the mating season for our maidens this year. Although we can see the advantage of having cria born early ready for the spring grass, it is still pretty cold up north. I think that we have agreed that May (late April births) is soon enough for around here, but watch this space we have been known to change our minds! In the meantime I will enjoy this short period of inactivity.

Cath, Jane, Corrine & George (the dog...he has been taking lessons from the alpacas on how to pose for camera!)


  1. I'm always keen to get on with mating too; it's so hard to wait isn't it.

    I like to make sure an experienced mum is first to birth each year though so the maidens see how it's done. So our maidens will hopefully be mated towards the end of May this year.

  2. Nice to see that the girls are pointing in the right direction !...so much for George !!..Im planning on early June matings...up here...in Scotland for exactly the same reason...as you the weather !...I think that May babies...will be just fine ..... fingers crossed...Jayne