Friday, 5 March 2010


It's hard to believe that a week has passed since we were at The Futurity. I don't seem to have stopped, yet I can't quite recall what I have actually done! The vet called today to report that the swab from Willow's foot was positive for a number of bacteria rather than a fungal infection as thought. It is too early for exact sensitivities so we will carry on as planned. Amoxycillin is a broad-spectrum antibiotic so it should do the trick. It was looking slightly better this morning.
I have spent hours paddock cleaning today. I am going walking tomorrow with friends followed by a sleep over. Paul is looking after everything at home. Although he likes me to be grateful I know that he loves being in charge of everything. Well most things. He has recently declared that he positively HATES poo picking and refuses to do it. Hence all the hard work today. I know it isn't a glamorous job but I actually quite enjoy it. Lots of time day dreaming, watching the alpacas and poo assessment. I am always happy to see nice healthy formed dottles. I know that really is very sad! Anyway he has lovely clean paddocks and control of the remote to look forward to. I on the other hand will have some very sore muscles on the agenda.


  1. Dottles? Nice word - would that be Cumbrian? - and I thought they were coffee beans (see my blog 18th Jan. 2009)!

  2. My neighbours daughter calls them Maltesers!

    I find poo picking therapeutic and very rewarding - for a few minutes that is before they replenish the piles!

  3. I call them chocolate raisins....just don't eat them !....what has life came to....I ask myself..there is a strange satisfaction...about the should have a 'Poo Brick Press'..its even better...Debbie started that one I'll have you know !!.....Jayne