Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A day for getting the jobs done

It has been a beautifully sunny day today here at Beck Brow. We did start off with quite a covering of snow which quickly melted, then the sun decided to show it's face for a change (photo of Nimrod and Almo taken at 13.00hrs). It really has felt like spring. Well maybe not quite, but we did some spring cleaning anyway. The barns have been thoroughly cleaned, feed bins polished and drawers tided...that will last for a couple of days!

We also did some drenching with a vitamin and trace element supplement this morning. We had our soil tested last year (I have since learned that it is better to have the grass tested) and know that our land is low in zinc and selenium. We have decided to try a product supplied by JB Animal Health which is created specifically for alpacas. The only down side is that it necessitates a 30ml dose whereas the product that we have previously used only required a 5 ml dose. We have decided to stop using the DE powder (as discussed in a previous blog) and have resorted to Dectomax as a method of mite prevention. A couple of the girls were showing signs around their ankles so the whole herd have been treated. Everyone was very well behaved except Minnie, who is normally very sweet but decided on this occasion, that I would suit green hair!

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