Thursday, 11 March 2010

Apprentice Training

One of my favourite things about getting up in the morning is opening the landing curtains and seeing the alpacas out in the fields. It's a warm fuzzy thing all owners recognise. However, this morning something just wasn't quite right. It did take a moment or two to realise that Legacy (summer pic) and Snowdrop (AKA Prince Snowstorm) had somehow escaped from their paddock. On closer inspection it appears that there may have been some operator error with my gate fastening! Luckily they had only got into an empty field rather than in with the girls. Lesson one; more vigilance required. Lesson two; I must get those non breeding males (including Snowdrop) castrated.

Despite failing stage one training on how to close gate on exit, I have been doing some apprentice training today. My friend Claire donned her wellies and came to give me a hand. Halter training went well (well, wellish in some cases). Fidel is the star, being a show off always helps. His first time out was with Almo who loves being lead, this is obviously where he has got the 'look at me' attitude from.

Claire with Fidel

Quad bike training was next on the agenda. Again this was passed with flying colours. However, for some reason the poo picking machine was beyond her! Seriously, thanks Claire you were a great help.
Claire on quad training...what's with Hollywood pulling the funny face? Jealousy!
It's the last episode of Lambing Live tonight. I am really going to miss having my evenings spent on the sheep farm. Do you think that Kate Bevan has a fan club? That woman is absolutely amazing. She certainly puts me to shame anyway.


  1. L-L has been brilliant - watching it now - a lovely couple, the Beavans -really well produced, especially live.

  2. Opps another lack of vigilance...that should have been Jim and Kate Beavan...well spotted Dave!