Monday 24 December 2012

Sox saves the day

I found myself at a bit of a loss as to what to do yesterday... No more Christmas fairs to do, decorations up and presents delivered, alpaca husbandry up to date...phew...maybe we could go out for Sunday lunch. The Heather Glen (5 mins away) does a fabulous roast beef dinner...I had this idea whilst still in bed and my mouth was already watering at the thought...the hotel would be looking all festive, and I could smell the burning logs mingling with the smell of roast dinner.

What I actually had was humous on toast ...because Paul decided that he would rather pressure wash the barn. I wasn't best pleased...I think he realised that when he had the cheek to come in and ask what was for lunch...I believe he made himself a tin of soup! Obviously realising that I was feeling a touch rejected, he then decided to make an effort...would I like to drive the quad bike whilst he did some poovering...err let me think...NO!

Of course a bad mood never lasts for long around alpacas. Out I went to chop up some carrots to feed to the girls. Celestrial is getting braver everyday, I reckon that the lure of the carrot is getting too much and she will be eating out of my hand by the end of today. I have only failed with one alpaca, and that is Metisha who still likes to keep her distance.

The biggest smile of the day was given to Foxy Sox...who gets more amusing by the day. She loves sugar - beet and tucks in with gusto...then about 15 minutes later she is like Mario after a power up...she races around as fast as alpaca fast can be...then does a couple of laps of pronking...then back to power up. Unfortunately it is too dark for photos...but very entertaining.

Today I will be losing two of my little 'fixes'. Synergy and Alfie are going to be making someone's Christmas very special but I will miss them. I think Explorer will too...they are part of his gang of five...he loves bossing them about.

I am already making plans for next year. We shall be turning more of the land over to the alpacas and building another shed. This has a lot to do with the amount of mud this just you watch with any luck we will have a dry one next year.

I have even been looking ahead as far as next September and can confirm that Dominic Lane ( Anzac Alpacas)  has kindly accepted the invitation by the Westmorland Show Committee and will be judging the alpacas there in 2013.

Having come back to bed  ( love my iPad! )  after doing the bottle feeds, its now time to get out I will just wish you...

A very Happy Christmas...rejoice and be merry!


  1. Merry Christmas to you all too.

  2. Merry Christmas to you, try to stay sensible! xx

  3. A Happy Christmas to you and yours and all the family of pacas! xx

  4. And a very merry Christmas from all of us!

  5. Sorry Barbara, I'm with Paul on the barn wash or pub lunch question! I've got a windbreak/shelter buiding project for Boxing Day (well alright maybe the day after!). Have a Happy Christmas!

  6. Oh I'd have loved to see those Sox photos...she's my favourite, such a pretty girl! We hope you and Paul have a great Christmas including a little relaxation!

  7. Merry Christmas to you and all in blogland from Andy, Bev and the boys.

  8. Bet you are pleased with the lovely clean barn though Barbara! Have a great Beckbrow Christmas. Shirley & Robbie