Thursday, 6 December 2012

It's snow fun...brrr

Just a quick update on the weeds (as we always call our weanlings for some reason). we only have one who is being a little bit of a cry baby, and that is Shackleton (Chaska's boy) but that is only when he first sees us and he does a little "please can I have my mummy... pleaseeeee" act.

Thankfully they are using the shelter as it is bitter today, with a  freezing cold wind. I love snow, but ours is a bit of a disappointment...wet snow that gets you all soggy kind of snow...I want crisp dry stuff! I am pleased to say that the harder ground has helped Finesse who is now walking much better without all the slippy mud.

Here are the weeds in the shelter from right: Lexus, Lula, Shackleton with Finesse and Sophie behind

What is bringing them out of the shelter? Clue Lullaby (left) and Foxy Sox are leading the way...

Yes, bottle time with Robyn...(note alpaca hair band knitted by moi!)

As you can see wet snow...

Beck Brow Topaz...rather damp

As you can see not nice snow...just cold, wet and windy

The girls are curious to know who the text is from..."come on Robyn do share"

Adelle (pregnant to Explorer) comes to check out what's going on...

and little Marco still manages to look super cute in the storm!

I went Christmas shopping yesterday. As well as presents, I have two large freezers packed full of delicious food, an order for a free range turkey ( feeds 10-12) an order for a piece of 28 day hung sirloin (feeds 8-10) as well as seafood and pates on order. Nothing wrong with that you might think...other than I have offered to work on Christmas day, Craig also offered to work, so Robyn did the same. Paul will have plenty to share with Velvet and Tyke! I jest... we will be having our Christmas dinner... on Boxing day... and the rest of the contents of the freezer we will be eating until the end of January!


  1. Brrr! It certainly looks cold over there...glad I'm back home now as the sun shone whilst I was over! You sound to be very well organised with all that Christmas stuff sorted already!

  2. Yuk, wet snow is miserable isn't it? Does Lullaby get any of mothers milk? Sox doesn't does she? Will you reduce their milk as you approach weaning? oops, an inquisition!

    1. They are both completely bottle fed Dave. Lullaby is six months old now, so should be weaned. She only gets a small amount simply because it feels too mean to feed Sox and not her! They both eat good rations of Camelibra and sugarbeet, so we will start cutting down Sox in a few weeks.

  3. Ha! You have joined the knitting brigade then!

  4. Very impressive bit of knitting there!!

    Our snow has now turned to soggy snow on the ice that was already there so it's lethal and horrible.

  5. I have nice dry freezing snow !! Yipee !! not the wet English Stuff !!!! Great photos of the weanies at the door and having their bottle .... working Christmas Day ;0) what ever next. Oh yes that knitting bug has struck by the looks of the lovely head band and looks like its just in time .... Jayne