Thursday, 13 December 2012

A hand required!

We have had a few lovely frosty days so far this week...good for the spirits after the rain and mud. On Tuesday I did some halter training with Amanda and Carole (actually the halter training was with Lullaby, Lexus and Lula...Carole and Amanda were trainers rather than trainees). The girls did well for their first time out...but more practise still required. Sox was itching to be out with the I think she will be cute will she be halter trained at 3 months!

Yesterday I gave myself a few hours off to go shopping (I only get four hours between feeds). I came back quite pleased with my purchases...not so many presents...but lots of stuff for Paul and I. Now, I am pretty sure that Paul is a 'glass half empty' and I am "a glass half full'...we are opposites in many respects... I had this though confirmed this morning... when I gaily commented:

"Isn't this weather just really cheers you up"

Paul's reply:

"Don't get used to it it's going to rain tomorrow"

Anyway, that kid of sums up the difference between us. Hence, whilst I was excited that I had spent so much money in the outdoor clothing shop, I had been able to negotiate a free shirt (they also threw in a free scarf but I thought I wouldn't mention that...having 200 of our own to sell!)...Paul on the other hand didn't appear quite so impressed. It didn't help that I got the wrong size trousers for him...he said 34 x I got him 32" waist and 34" leg...seems that he is not so tall and slim as I had thought....hem wrong way round!! (lets hope the free shirt new coat does! I wonder if he will even notice.)

Today I have been trying to get a few photos for the on-line shop. We really have very little hand-knit stock left and I expect that we could sell it all at our next (and last) Christmas fair. However, we have had a number of requests for items, so I will put our last two hats and a small number of gloves on the site tonight. I had to enlist Robyn to give me a the glove model!

The latest design going in the shop later

I always find it so time consuming , hence not getting round to doing it is not helped by the fact that Velvet always has to be in the thick of whatever is going on.



Just a couple of photos; firstly Paulo who is very cute...and unlike his namesake looks on the bright side (that will be the other side of mum Renatta)

Lastly we have Burton Constable April, who arrived very timid, but now is at the front of the queue to be hand fed carrots...a very sweet girl...who will be having our first Viracocha Black Sabbath cria in the Spring.

Burton Constable April


  1. Barbara I know just where you're coming from with the glass half empty thing - Peter is just the same - drive's me nuts at times. Love the hat! Karen

  2. Lovely hat! Really feel we should see you modelling it with the new coat!

  3. Love the seasonal shot of Velvet practicing for the panto -" She's behind you, Velvet!" (Oh no she's not.....) Shirley & Robbie

  4. Great Blog this week.

  5. Oh Velvet, funny little face

  6. Looks like the weather is great now. The photos are adorable, and I like it, specially the Cute alpacas.