Thursday 27 December 2012

Dear Agony Aunt....

Dear reader,

I write in hope that I will find confirmation that I am not alone with my problem. I am an alpaca owner and I am obsessed (normal) I also dream a lot, especially after eating too much cheese (normal). I woke up at 4am on Boxing Day, I am perspiring, my heart is pounding (reasonably normal for many I guess, depending on what has been consumed) I am not sure if my dream is for real or not, hence the anxiety...I have lost Foxy Sox (not an unreasonable worry as she is a rejected cria)...I have lost her in Marks and Spencer's Food Hall (well I do spend a bit of time in there)...I am racing up and down the aisles, stopping other customers "have you seen an alpaca" now, you might think that would be enough information...but no...I go on "she is this big (hand held out) she is fawn and very, very cute"... no one has seen her, they try to reassure me "she won't come to any harm in here, we will find her"...but this doesn't I explain my concern "but she doesn't know how to cross the road on her own" !! (mad as).

I would like to know if I need treatment or if other owners also demonstrate such signs of extreme obsessive behaviour?

B of BB Cumbria.

Foxy Sox (milk chops) safe if a little blurred!

We have mud everywhere and the ground is waterlogged. None the less, I have been out with the camera this morning; my mission was to take some photos of Bendrago and Marco for their new owners. However it seemed that the blacks had missed me being out with the camera...

Ardo Jet who has decided to get extremely friendly of late

likewise Burton Constable April

out of the way April...

there he is Beck Brow Marco! (also blurred)

We have weaned another couple of cria this morning; Beck Brow Advantage and Beck Brow Topaz. But not before we moved the existing weanlings on to dry land. Their paddock has so much standing water and mud that it wasnt very pleasant for them. Unfortunately their new paddock has trees overhanging into do they get so much debris in their fleece so quickly?

Beck Brow Topaz

This is the mud in the gateway of the girls field...they hate the mud but have to come through it to be fed

mud, mud, and more mud

somehow EP Cambridge Lady Gaga always manages to stay clean...and look down her nose!


  1. Dear B, the dream you have reported does indicate an obsession - have you thought about taking up a hobby (not easy as a farmer, with committments) such as knitting or spinning, oh no, more of the obsession - how about marbles then? no, you've lost those...understandable though in the circumstances :-)

  2. Dear B of BB in C. Suspect a case of OCD or SAD due to low light. See GP ASAP or PDQ anyway. Good Luck

    Rob from WAS in W ;o))

  3. My Dear Barbara,

    My view is that you should take this very seriously as it is likely to be a premonition! As a regular reader of your blog, I am aware that Judi (you know the one!), has had her eye on the gorgeous Sox for some time and I also know that she too loves the M&S food hall. I suggest that you maintain a very close watch on that very special little alpaca and please stop taking her along when you go to M&S just to be sure!

  4. Dreaming? Dreaming! We haven't got time for dreaming in the sodden south! You think that's mud? I'll show you mud!!!

  5. Keep taking the pills, Barbara! Shirley & Robbie