Friday, 21 December 2012

Festive Sugar Beet

A quick blog before I go to work (at the hospital that is) I have lots of mucking out to complete before then! I just thought that I would post a photo of our Christmas tree as I think I was a bit bar humbug in the last blog.

Luckily Ben has been home, so after numerous comments about no decorations (don't adult offspring want home to be as it was as a child at Christmas) he decided to start the job himself. He put on some  seasonal music, gathered all the decorations in from the barn...and before long he had me in the Christmas spirit too. I did resist the temptation to interfere...well nearly...Ben went for a less is more approach to tree I wasn't sure if this was because he got fed up with the when he was out of the room I added a few more lights...which he promptly announced made his efforts look like something from the Poundland down they came!

As this is meant to be an alpaca blog...and just to prove that they have not been is the sugar-beet soaking in the boot room sink...they will have course have to share with the reindeer...

A festive boot room sink!

The reindeer

Ben's Christmas tree (most of the decorations are back in the barn)

Maybe Ben has decorations at the other end of the room took 2 mins to complete...looks okay with the lights out and candles on!


  1. festive alpacas or decorated field shelters this year eh?! We are probably all too busy cleaning the mud off our boots and wondering just when the weather will change! Actually it's bright and sunny (ish!) here today and it's stopped raining!!

    Happy Christmas to you all at Beck Brow...including gorgeous little Sox!

  2. Does Ben do drive bys, I need a Ben to do mine.....

  3. Now that really is posh - a festive boot room!

    A very happy Christmas to you all!