Friday 13 April 2012

The World Alpaca Conference 2012

Apologies for the late report on the the World Alpaca Conference 2012; We arrived home last night after a jam packed 3 days, and were straight back to work today.

But what a fantastic time we had. Keble College and its grand dining hall was an experience in its self, but add to that a well organised, information packed conference with world class speakers, and a chance to catch up with friends from all over the world, and it really did live up to expectations.

I will share some of the information gained from the lectures in a later blog. Dr Andrew Merriwether's lecture on 'Colour Genetics for Alpaca Breeders' on the last day, was one of particular interest, and had Paul and I discussing his findings for most of the journey home...we have definitely adjusted our expectations of what colours are likely to be born here this year!

The Huacaya Golden Fleece award went to an amazing white fleece from the Snowmass herd...scoring an incredible 95/100...certainly the highest score that I have seen.

The weather was dry for most of the time...not much sunshine...but best to have the shades just in case

Checking out the gear of the guy infront...

We were lucky enough to win a prize in the charity raffle...Calamity Bear...she wasn't very well behaved at the gala dinner...and her tiara did slip a little...but she is still in one piece!

World Alpaca Conference Calamity Bear

I will share some pearls of wisdom from the conference, but my first would be not to drink more than your share of the pink champagne...but I was not alone!!


  1. Sounds like an excellent time ... with the pink champagne ....more the merrier thats what I say ! ..... Jayne

  2. Looking forward to the detailed report. Any reoccurance of drink related conjunctivitis Barbara?

  3. As long as everyone else drinks as much pink champagne as you...that's fine! Looking forward to other pearls, (or is it perles?), of wisdom from the Conference!

  4. As long as you didn't drink the champagne on an empty stomach, or you didn't drink so much that the bear you won started talking to you, then it's all good!