Monday 2 April 2012

Paddock Condition?

Today we have arrived back after a few days away, and have been poo picking for the last three's that for dedication to the task!

Paul's brother got married down near Ascot yesterday, so we decided to have a couple of days extra in the area. Now I know that normal people would use this time to explore the surrounding area...but not we noticed that there was an alpaca course at Bozedown Alpacas (40 mins away) on the Friday and we have had a bushman's you do!

After Paul's obvious desire to be handler of the year at the Futurity...I decided to volunteer him as a handler on the BAS Stage 1 Judges course...he did actually find it both useful and enjoyable...luckily. This is a great course for anyone who shows alpacas, it really does give you a great insight into what the judges are looking for...and it also makes you appreciate what a difficult job they have. Liz and Nick were great as always; loads of information with plenty of laughs too. I just wish we lived a bit closer and we could volunteer more often.

No alpaca photos I am afraid...but rather than have a photo less is Robyn and I without our wellies!


  1. I hope the wedding was fun - you both look super. The English do such a good job with head wear!

  2. You certainly brush-up well Barbara! Now lets have the poo-picking photo!!

  3. Glamorous Girls indeed ! beat me to the punch line....'Where's the Wellies' ....are you sure they weren't in the boot !! I can't believe you left home without them !!!! ... Jayne

  4. You guys down south really take your poo-picking seriously eh? We're totally impressed that you dress up to do the business, even wearing hats! Does Paul wear morning dress when it's his turn to do the poo-picking? ( You both look lovely by the way!) Shirley & Robbie

  5. Oh!! Very posh indeed! Didn't know you were so local.........Should have popped in!