Wednesday 4 April 2012

An Almost Illegal Tangle...

Well, the weather is certainly keeping us on our toes in Cumbria...we didn't have time to put away the suncream, before we needed our snow shoes. Yesterday we had horizontal really was blowing some gale...unfortunately I had left the garden umbrella up...we no longer have a garden umbrella...oops.

Thankfully no other damage was sustained, and we have kept our electricity supply...for a change. However, I was greeted rather keenly by Almo (Anzac Almost Illegal) this morning. Obviously a length of bramble had blown in to his field and he had gotten himself well and truly tangled. Despite the fact that he is now working, he was back into cria mode..."get this thing off-of-me Mummy!"...and he just stood as I managed to free it from his fleece.

Anzac Almost Illegal

Although Almo looks a picture of innocence, we have to keep him and Waradene St. Patrick of EPC seperate. We have tried them in together but Almo just will not back down and St. Patrick isn't going to let him win at any after a burst lip they have a fence between them. St Patrick definitely thinks that all of the girls belong to him...and even keeps Snowstorm our Suri wether in check

Waradene St Patrick of EPC with Snowstorm

This is St. Patrick annoyed with Almo for even daring to look at his girls!

Anzac Hollywood's Attitude who is the biggest of our stud males, is the one that always keeps out of trouble...nothing to prove!

Anzac Hollywood's Attitude

We really do need to do some further halter training with Adelle, Boots and Quintos. However, it is still rather windy, so no point in spooking them...we will hopefully make some progress over the Easter weekend

Easter-Wood Adelle

Talking about Easter...I had forgotten that it was this weekend...and that we are going to the World Alpaca Conference first thing on Tuesday...I have left it too late... I can't get an appointment at my hairdressers...dash...if I wear a white tuxedo maybe I will be okay...otherwise I think the grey roots will mean I am going to be lacking colour uniformity (contaminated fawn!)


  1. Every morning Camelot is 'wearing' a different piece of woodland, often brambles six feet long, as the land owner did some pruning - can't wait to get them back, in a few days. Can't make the WAC due to family duties, but will be at the Spring Show - have a good time.

  2. Yep....we too were caught on the hop by the change in weather! Great photo's as ever Barbara.

  3. Well, despite the forecast, we had no snow and hardly any rain...we REALLY need that wet stuff soon to keep the paddocks in shape! Enjoy the conference and do share any little pearls of wisdom you discover with us all!

  4. St Pat is looking magnificent!

  5. Hi Barbara

    Loving seeing St Patrick looking so well. He is a gorgeous male. I read your blog regarding him and Almo fighting. St Patricks father, Benleigh Bellisimo does not like Suris. He is very prejudice in regards to them.
    Keep up the great work.

    Bye for now

    Sharon Warland
    Waradene Alpacas