Monday, 5 March 2012

Adelle, Boots and Quintos say bye!

There was to be no excuses...the sun was shinning and everyone weighed in on this morning the last of the 2011 cria were weaned. Robyn came to give me a hand and first to be parted from his mum was Quintos. Off he sped into the weanling field...this was followed by a lot of commotion...

Oh no are they picking on Quintos?

No, it is Quintos who is causing the chaos...

Quintos has always rather liked himself...

...he goes straight for Crystal...

...even Explorer, who doesn't usually lose his cool, was not impressed by the antics

...but in the end it was Magellan who put him in his place...timed out Quintos!

Boots isn't quite as sure of herself. She is so cute with her little ears...

Snooty Boots....I wonder where she gets those ears?

Yes, Waradene St Patrick of EPC....same ears...actually looking at the photos she is very like him. She is exactly the same mid fawn and her fleece (when opened)  is every bit as bright and full of character as her sire's

St Patrick today...looking bright in the sunlight.

Snooty Boots checking out the available stud services...umm Explorer I am afraid you will have to wait

Adelle was the third and last cria to be weaned...she appears to be finding it the most difficult.

All three mums: Silverstream Hoity Toity (Quintos); EP Cambridge Lady Gaga (Snooty Boots); and Easter-Wood Metisha (Adelle) were first time mums in 2011. Hoity seems to be the least concerned about losing Quintos, whereas Gaga and Metisha are obviously not too happy. Is it just me or do the females worry less when male cria are does always appear that way?


  1. I'm not looking forward to weaning our 3 little girls as I think that the girls get much more attached to their mums!

    Lovely photos usual! Boots is certainly a real cutie pants!

  2. Dare I say it ...nice ears and nice arse ! there is always those who accept the weaning process....better than others !....I have the same problems up here !.....Jayne

  3. St Patrick has one of those gorgeous chunky looking bottoms! Lovely!

  4. Really great photos Barbara.