Saturday, 10 March 2012

A Good Decision.

After all my dithering with decision making last month, I have turned over a new leaf, and I am making important decisions right, left and centre.

The first one needed to be done...I spend far too much time talking to my alpacas...nothing wrong with that you may be thinking...but I provide the answers as well;

"Morning Explorer; Looking gorgeous"

"Why thanks. Any peas and beans going?"

"Sorry Explorer. You're too fat"

"Well pot and kettle I would say"

"Cheeky Boy! It's this big fleece I'm wearing"

"Exactly the same here. Peas and beans?"

I do find him mildly amusing but I think I need to get out more. Thankfully my interview went well and I have now been appointed as a Coronary Care Staff Nurse. The big decision was whether to loose my nurse registration. It is three years since I left full-time employment to look after the alpacas full-time. I have no regrets whats so ever, and the business is doing very well, however I need to do a minimum amount of practise within any three year period if I am to continue being a registered nurse. So I have a contract... for twelve hours (one shift) per ideal situation all round. 

I will share the other decisions that have been made, if and when they come to fruition. I have placed an offer we will have to wait and see.

The latest weanlings are settling at last. Quintos after all his initial bravado was the biggest cry baby. Adelle whom I expected to take it the hardest (her mum was very protective of her) has never looked back after the first 24 hours, and is positively full of herself. Boots and Lady Gaga have just stopped pining  for each other yesterday.

I have had a request for a photo of Beck Brow Sophie, from her namesake (Sophie Craig's little sister)

From left; Finesse, Katie and Sophie

Beck Brow Sophie with ears!

Robyn and I trimmed around Adelle's eyes on Thursday, as she was having difficulty seeing. Judging by the photo Adelle wasn't the only one having trouble seeing...I wasn't wearing my glasses...I think a revisit to the hairdressers may be necessary!

Easter-Wood Adelle

At last I have a photo of Rumour with legs....looking a lot like her half brother Explorer?

Beck Brow Rumour Has It.

Paul has just got back from a week on the Isle Of Man (working I am led to believe). I have taken advantage of the situation to have lots of lunches out and friends to stay (okay I do sometimes see humans as well as alpacas). I have claimed to have also done some poo-picking (it is not a lie I did a couple of hours one day). I can now hear the poo picker...I think that I am about to be found out...must go!


  1. Adelle looks a little sweetie - we picked out The Chairman at EPC as a sire to think about using only to find out he is half brother to TA! You are gathering a stellar collection of genetics there.

  2. Great photo's (once again) Barbara. Is hairdressing yet another string to your bow?

  3. You've excelled yourself with the photo of Finesse, Katie & Sophie - really lovely shot Barbara. Shirley & Robbie

  4. I managed to trim around Camelot's eyes on my own this afternoon - he's difficult to catch, but stood very well for the trimming.

  5. Glad Sophie sorted her ear out...for a moment...I thought the scissors had slipped....!! Thankfully not.....lovely photos...of the hairdresser...what ever next !!......Jayne