Monday, 12 March 2012

Alpaca deliveries...

Our herd at Beck Brow is reducing on a weekly basis at the moment. After last Saturday's trip to beautiful Ayr to deliver Magnum and Satchmo, today we had a much shorter journey, within Cumbria, to deliver three females. Parisien and family arrived at 10 am prompt to inspect their pacca palace...definitely 5 star...put in a log burner and we could all move in!

Katkin will be joining the girls after she has birthed, but in the meantime Parisien will be in charge. It was very amusing to see her taking her duties so seriously. After inspecting the shelter, she very calmly walked the perimeter of the paddock, checking everything out, stopping to admire the views, before settling to eat some grass.

Beck Brow Parisien arriving at her new home

Lesley and Katie...the start of a new venture.

We have been doing some more halter training with Magellan and Rumour ready for the British Alpaca Futurity. Rumour has stopped sitting. Magellan has always been good at walking but is now starting to try to mate everyone, so that should be fun. Actually with 442 entries, from over 60 breeders...and judging by the schedule 50% must be white...I think that we may be up against it however well they walk!!

P.S. offer turned no more news on that front yet.


  1. How lovely be able to deliver such happiness a van ! I'm sure the new homes will be Five Star ! Looks like every body approved the new facilities ...and Best Wishes to the future success of the new owners ! .......Jayne

  2. That looks like one really chuffed lady about to start her adventure!

  3. Exciting times for the new owners. Good luck to them. Shirley & Robbie

  4. Lesley looks very happy with Katie; I'm sure none of us will ever forget how exciting it was to take delivery of our first alpacas.