Monday, 28 November 2011

Vitamin injections and retail outlets

I have been a poor blogger of late...partly because it is that time of the year when there is a bit of a lull in activity...and partly because I have been out and about.

On Friday Amanda and I combined work and pleasure... by taking stocks of our scarves and throws to some retail outlets in the South Lakes...we also enjoyed a leisurely lunch out whilst we were there (shame not to). Our products have been very well received, which is very exciting but also rather problematic...I have just found out that the spinner that I was planning to use can't now fit us in for another 16 weeks...we will run out of stock before then...drat...I now need a plan B...for at least 200 kilos...suggestions welcome!

On Saturday and Sunday it was Paul's turn for a trip out to the lakes. This time purely pleasure as we joined a weekend party intent on celebrating Paul's sister's 40th birthday. We stayed in a hotel overlooking Lake Ullswater...beautiful scenery...lovely accommodation...and service that would have made Fawlty Towers look 5 star....but it was very amusing...I am sure the food left the kitchen well presented, but by the time it reached the table few 'beef towers' were still standing...the poor waiter (who had earlier tripped up dropping the drinks that he was carrying...breaking glasses and trowing the contents on to guests)...did apologise... as he put down the plate he politely said; "sorry yours is just a total mess"...full marks for honesty.

It has been back to work today. After last year's debate about the benefits of injectable vitamins (AD&E) versus the vitamin paste; we have now moved on to the injections for the whole herd (the decision was aided by the fact that a number of our herd appear to dislike the new eggs-port banana flavoured paste). So everyone has had their injections today (0.5mls cria 1.5mls adults). We were pretty slick but it still does take rather longer than drenching.

The auction females have now been joined by the maidens...many of whom are still too fat...still just Camellibra and Fibergest for them. Biba the black females seems glad of the company...she was rather left out as the 2 white girls stuck closely together. Our herd do tend to stick in colour groups.

Beck Brow Lucie giving the new girl the cold shoulder

Although winter hasn't even really got going, I am already looking forward to somehow makes the idea of winter more bearable. Checking out The British Alpaca Futurity 2012 site I see that the new venue (NEC) has also brought some new visitor attractions including a craft fair. Another welcome change is that of class size; classes will be limited to a maximum of 12 with rosettes and oral reasoning to sixth place. I think this will be much more enjoyable for spectators; as classes will keep moving as well as the addition of more oral reasoning (much better for feedback for breeders too). Now I just need to wait and see if we have a show team to take...with only 11 cria to choose from...I don't think that we will have many surprises. 

It's a shame that their isn't a prize for the smartest alpaca...Magellan who manages to untie any knot that I can tie...was a bit confused by the cycle chain with combination took him a couple of days...but we found it unlocked yesterday morning...Paul is my witness...I kid you not (I did only change one of the numbers though...obviously too easy!).


  1. What a clever chap that Magellan is! I can't decide whether the combination lock was tongue in cheek or for real!!

  2. Next you will be telling us he stole your bike and went to the pub on it.

  3. Glad product sales are going well - selling out is always a good thing!
    We were just looking at the Futurity last night and wondering if we could manage to get there this year - it sounds good!

  4. Magellan is trying to live up to his name - just keep a look out for a spotted hankie on a stick in the corner of his shelter.

  5. Looking good...and sounds like the winter preperation is well under way at Beck Brow !!....Jayne

  6. Blah blah blah, I can't seem to get a comment past Google, so for the umpteenth time, I don't know why, blah blah blah!

    testing testing

  7. Bloody hell it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm so shocked I don't know what to say.

    Well done Barbara!

  8. We were very pleased with our yarn from the Natural Fibre Co. main sponsors of the WAC Fashion Show. We sent 100 kilos (min. of 20 kilos per colour) for some lovely, extra-fine two-ply weaving yarn back with a yield as high, on one colour, of 78%. The work you've put into sorting you should get 90%!!!!