Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Appointment filled! last...Beck Brow Snooty Boots has put on some weight...over 2 kgs no less! I have been managing to sneak her extra Camelibra (it has to be sneaky as too much attention puts her off). She gets an extra handful in a bowl which she likes to...well not sure if she likes to...but she shares with Velvet (the dog)...if Velvet's glossy coat is anything to go by...Camelibra must be good for her fleece.!

She is still small, although I don't think that she has noticed and she definitely isn't little in attitude. Here she is looking like something from a 70's cop drama...always chewing a bit of dry grass:

Beck Brow Snooty Boots

However, Young Punk Annabelle thinks that Boots is far too small to be looking for a job with the fact she thinks that she looks more in need of a couple of minders:

Boots gets measured up for size by Young Punk Annabelle

So it was decided; minders required...Beck Brow Finesse and Young Punk Alfie volunteered for the job of minding the rear.... whilst Annabelle took the lead...

Young Punk Alfie (back right) looks the part

As always the Beck Brow herd like to stick together and are all for team fact there seemed to be a bit of competition for the vacancy at Snooty Boots Security...everyone was quick to surround the little star when a couple of raggamuffins came by...

Team work from The Snooty Boots Security Team

Katkin and team take the top watch

Beck Brow Magallen is the chief minder and came to check out the potential appointments...

Beck Brow Magellan

...prompting Adelle to give it her all...unfortunately she is too junior for the role at present...

Easter-Wood Adelle

Magellan wanted to see the team during fitness training...where Annabelle and Alfie were in the top two (those Young Punks are fit)...but has Alfie got the right attitude? (sire Hollywood's Attitude!)

Fitness training

In the end Beck Brow Finesse and Young Punk Annabelle were they are on the left of the photo doing a sterling job

From left; Finesse, Boots and Annabelle with the boys left feeling rejected.


  1. Good news re-Snooty Boots, what does she weigh and how old is she now? I know I could go back through your blogs but...! We're waiting for little Ebony to put on a spurt as she's 66 days and only 15 kilos, a real tiddler!

  2. Hi Judi

    Boots is 3 months old today and weighed in at 18.5 kgs. She got stuck around 16kgs for 3 weeks but has taken a spurt!

  3. ...and they can follow a script...amazing Barbara!

  4. A great series of photos Barbara - well done. Shirley & Robbie

  5. A lovely story and great pictures. Is Alfie available for outside contracts?