Friday, 22 February 2013

Cambridge Stargazer

My social diary continues to be busy this week, but I have managed to fit in plenty of alpaca activity as well. However, I do think that one may be impacting on the other just a little bit; having enjoyed a night out on Wednesday night, I didn't appear to be at my sharpest on Thursday morning, when Jane ( Minnie's new owner) and Carole ( Prince Bishop Alpacas) came to help with some husbandry tasks.

First job on the list was to give the females their selenium drench, however the girls were a little reluctant to come in (I think that when they see that we have visitors they start thinking " watch out if you go in the barn she will end up selling you"! ). Anyway, as some of the girls are still a little bit wary of Inca, I went to put the dogs into the house...only to find Velvet back out at the barn again before us (if you put them in via the back door then you need to ensure the front door is closed!). Now, you would think that I would have learnt from this...but no...I got all the females into the barn and...calm as you please... they all filed out the other end through an open door (there are five entrances...or exits depending on how you look at it...easily done!)

Eventually we did get the job completed, although we spent more time assessing fleece than actually drenching. Job complete, we moved on to halter training the last four weaners (Marco, Dougal, Angel and Paulo) who hadn't even had a halter on, never mind been led, but were amazing; walking right to the lane end and back on their first outing. I think the key to this was a) Sox is a brilliant trainer b) Carole and I were too busy talking alpaca to notice any protests.

Late afternoon my friend Claire arrived to visit Tyke it would seem...well she wasn't at all pleased that he is still at Mum and Dads (since our holidays)... and then when she found out that Lullaby had gone too...not best pleased! Anyway she eventually forgave me...and yes, you guessed, we went out for supper at the Fox and Pheasant. Not wanting to spoil a week of leisure, I met friends for lunch (and just one glass of wine!) today. I think my new found freedom, due to not bottle feeding Sox every four hours, has gone to my head...but I have bottle fed (firstly Lullaby then Sox) for 10 months in total (May until February) ...I think I deserve a bit of gallivanting!

Yesterday I received some photos from down of our gorgeous female Cambridge Stargazer...she is looking great I am so pleased with her. I really think that her and Beck Brow Explorer will complement each other well.

Cambridge Stargazer...look at the density!

I am starting to get excited about our births due this year. We are having an earlier start with EP Cambridge Lady Gaga due mid April. We do unfortunately go all the way through until September...see I have to pack all my social activities into the small window of opportunity!

EP Cambridge Lady Gaga (pregnant to Waradene St Patrick of EPC)


  1. What a lovely looking girl Lady Gaga is (and your new girl of course!).
    April will be the start of a very exciting birthing season for you (and me as I shall be eagerly awaiting you photos!).

  2. Sounds like you only have a small window of opportunity to gallivant ... so you must make the most of it .... then you shall be baby sitting once again .... April is only 8 weeks away ! .. Jayne

  3. Lady G is certainly a 'stunner.' Keep on gallivanting! Shirley & Robbie