Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Bye Minnie Moo!

Although the weather has been lovely here (doesn't sunshine and mud free paddocks make you feel sooo good) the photo above wasn't taken this week; but is from a couple of summers ago. This is Robyn and Minnie. Minnie...registered as Fallowfield Minerva...know at Beck Brow as Minnie our herd mascot...she features on our business cards and is in our advertisements (see Alpaca Culture)...she has also been sold! I know she is so very sweet, but our breeding plans have moved on since she came to us as a cria at foot in 2009...and when a client wanted a very friendly alpaca to add to her small herd, Minnie Moo seemed perfect. So Minnie was delivered to Jane on Monday afternoon...and from reports; both are rather happy with the arrangement. And if Minnie (who is pregnant to Waradene St Patrick of EPC) has another cria as gorgeous as Marco this will be the icing on the cake for her new owner!

The socialising has continued; I am now on day twelve of eating out (well yesterday didn't really count. I just happened to be at Amanda's at lunchtime rather than I got invited!). I have coffee dates booked for Thursday and Friday, and dinner booked for Saturday night. Lunch is now arranged for Monday, but I may have to do some cooking on Sunday it seems. Unfortunately my waist line is suffering...I have two weeks to lose enough weight to get into some black trousers ready for stewarding duty at the Futurity...otherwise its going to be a black and white kaftan!

Amongst the meals out was a five course Sunday lunch at the Sharrow Bay Hotel on Lake Ullswater. This was to celebrate Bev and Andy's wedding anniversary, and was followed by some halter training for their boys (Dougal and Hamish); who will be getting delivered to them next month. Halter training is a dream this year with Sox as the trainer...

Right to get some photos of Bev and Andy...make sure the hats on straight Andy

Come on Andy what are you and Hamish doing?...

Paul and Sox out of the way please...

At last!

The visit to Amanda's yesterday was to do some halter training with some of her cria. Florens Davinci (sire our Waradene St Patrick of EPC) is coming with us to the Futurity, but still needs a little work on his walking  (bit like my waist line... and time is running out). Amanda then returned the favour and helped with some halter training here; but as luck would have it, Beck Brow Paulo (also a St Patrick cria) who is our young entry, loves been on the halter and tries to come out with every group. It is a relief that he is so confident, as he is very quiet and is just over six months, I was wondering if he would be happy away from home. However, I think that he is going to be another Explorer, who loves being out and about and showing off...and they will have each other for company!

Short blog as I have invited Mum, Dad, Robyn and Craig for tea...just to show that I can still cook!


  1. So long Minnie; very sweet photo of her.

  2. Eating out every lovely! It'll be hard on Sunday...having forgotton everything, will you need to refer to the cook book?! Oh how I love that Foxy Sox, she just gets prettier on each post!

  3. I like the idea of a kaftan would that be with heels?!

    You always look good - and so do the alpacas, great photos!

  4. I hope that her new owner will give her a cuddle from us. Minnie and her Mum were never going to be show winners, but they were both delightful alpacas. That means more to a lot of people!

    1. Oh I think little Minnie could surprise you. Her Marco would be worthy of showing. When I say our plans have moved on I mean we look for specific genetics for our white herd. As you say it's not all about prize winners but she is capable and very loveable too!

  5. Lovely photos and nice to see the sunshine ....kaftan with wellies I think would look good, go on set the trend and be different .....Jayne