Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Bright and Colourful!

Beck Brow Pedro who is now Hamish

Not a lot happening here at Beck Brow at the moment...thankfully...after all the recent upset we are enjoying the fine weather and fluffy alpacas. On Saturday we had a husbandry morning; vitamins, condition scoring and top knot trimming. Katie (owner of Synergy and Alfie) seemed to do most of the work whilst we supervised! Beck Brow Pedro (renamed as Hamish by his new owners) was on the list for a hair cut, but maybe we didn't go far enough looking at him now. Beck Brow Explorer also had a top knot trim ready for the Futurity.

Beck Brow Explorer.

Sunday was my birthday and I decided to enjoy being spoilt. Craig made the most delicious Sunday lunch at ours, and some accompanying red wine, went down very well. I carried on the birthday into Monday, when Robyn and I had a nice lunch out. Robyn and Craig have bought a larger house (still in the village) and I had the idea that we should go to the sale room and pick up a sofa or two at a bargain price...I think I must have been watching too much Flog It when I had was just a load of lunch it was.

Yesterday Amanda and I went to visit Carole at Prince Bishop Alpacas...and guess what...we went out for lunch again! Carole had her first alpacas delivered in December and she is doing the most fantastic job of caring for them. All were perfect when condition scored...not so easy to do when you have pregnant and non-pregnant females in together. It was great to see the alpacas and see how they had changed. Beck Brow Lexus (sire: Waradene St Patrick of EPC) is looking especially stunning. She has a date planned with Beck Brow Explorer in July...amazing potential for a stunning cria me thinks!!

Apologies for the poor light...Beck Brow Lexus...owned by Prince Bishop Alpacas.

Beck Brow Foxy Sox is now five and a half months, and knocks back the hard food like a trooper, so we are starting to reduce her bottle feeds...aaahh!

Beck Brow Foxy Sox (front right) with Pedro/Hamish behind and Bendrago in front. Both boys have been sold as things have advanced, it wouldn't have been very long ago at all that they would have made the stud male grade!

Cambridge Scarborough has settled in very fact I think that she is the most quietly confident alpaca to ever join the stressing, no aggression what so ever...but she is front of the queue every time...that includes getting her photo taken...

Cambridge Scarborough

Yes...I have the shot...I want to take someone else now

Beck Brow Snooty Boots (sire: Waradene St Patrick of EPC) pregnant to Fowberry Nobility...are her and Sox not the spit of one another?...well the double of St. Pat actually!

Easter Wood Adelle (sire ACC The Chairman) she is adorable and pregnant to Beck Brow Explorer

The herd at Beck Brow is definitely multi-coloured now (although we dont have any greys nor any actual multis). Biba is facing...she was bought at the Blueberry sale (although her hair loss between her front legs is slightly better it has never fully grown back).

And finally...on the subject of black...Inca (our adopted Lab) and Velvet (Jack Russell x Cocker) ...seem to be getting along very well. I think Inca might just be having a positive influence on Velvet who seems less mischievous. Although, Inca has been in trouble...I am not used to a big dog...I left my lunch on the worktop to cool and went out to feed Sox...I returned to a dish, unmoved, but completely empty...with a large paw mark by the side!

Inca and Velvet.

Right must go, going out tonight with my friends...dinner rather than lunch this time...and off to see Blood Brothers (girly birthday celebration!). I might do some work next week!


  1. Hamish is looking great ! Not long now, can't wait.

  2. Hope you had a Happy Birthday :) Lisa

  3. Belated happy birthday, sounds like the celebrations are going well!

  4. You sure know how to celebrate! congratulations, and welcome to the Bright Young Things!

  5. Lunch, Dinner what ever next .... a quick breakfast at the roadside cafe ! You know how to celebrate and why not ....belated B'day wishes kept that one quiet ....the Beck Brow herd is looking very swell ..... Jayne

  6. Love the photo of Pedish/Hamro! Shirley & Robbie
    PS: Belated birthday wishes!

  7. A lady of leisure indeed! Nice pictures, well done.

  8. Loving Scarborough, what a character..