Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Out of Action...

I am sorry I have not blogged...but then again there are many things that I have not done...for I have flu...proper flu. I have been told in the past that difference between a really bad cold and flu is this; if you saw bundles of crisp £50 notes on your lawn waiting for you to go and pick them up...with a bad cold you would somehow manage to pocket them...flu?...who cares about £50 notes when you are going to die!

I would say the nearest I came to this was not being able to feed the alpacas on Monday, not even Lullaby and Sox. I just could not drag myself out...this is unheard of. On Tuesday I managed to feed them (one group then a rest...then another...I even had a sleep before the boys got fed) but no way could I muck out.

Not much better today. I tried to do some work on the sponsorship side of things for the NWAG Alpaca Championships...but sent out all the emails without the vital attachments...argggh

This is our logo for the show by the way ...

I havent even been out to check on my doves. What do they say about counting your blessings...On Friday, I was just thinking how wonderful life can be

  • I was well
  • The weather was fine
  • There was not a sound to be heard...all was perfect and still
  • The alpacas were dry and happy
  • The dogs were following me through the fields as I fed all the alpacas, and topped up the hay
  • At the same time the doves were flying overhead following me from shelter to shelter
  • Perfect, peaceful...just beautiful
That was until a Sparrow Hawk came for breakfast...we are at least two doves down...can't nature be cruel at times.

I though as it was dry that I would try to get some photos for the blog today...but feeding Sox and Lullaby was as much as I could manage without getting light its the usual subjects I'm afraid. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow and manage to put some comments on the blogs I enjoy reading (still reading just can't face the proving I am not a robot bit!)

Beck Brow Sox and Beck Brow Lullaby a tonic if ever there was one!


  1. That's rotten, get well soon Barbara - nice logo (a nod to the previous title?)

  2. Oh no! Woman Flu! That really is bad! Get well soon, hope you are being pampered.
    p.s. very nice logo!

  3. Get well soon Barbara - proper flu is awful I had it once, hit me like a ton of bricks. I like the logo!

  4. Hope you are soon back on your feet, take care.

  5. Poor you! I hope you are better soon, there is nothing worse than 'flu, so my sympathies are with you! I love the logo, it looks brilliant! :) Lisa

  6. Yep, real flu will certainly put you out of action for a while. It's an awful feeling when the 'spark' goes out and you can't get going, isn't it? Take care and get better soon. Shirley & Robbie

  7. Hope you're soon feeling like chasing those £50 notes...if they're still there!