Monday, 28 January 2013

Farewell Lovely Legs.

After a lovely weekend we have some sad news this morning...sad but not unexpected...Legacy of Purston who was registered as being born on the 1st of January 1997 (when imported from Peru), passed away peacefully at approx 10.30 am this morning. We knew that he was becoming increasingly did Waradene St Patrick who had taken over leadership of the group. Legacy was such a gentle alpaca who always had such lovely natured progeny...thankfully his Legacy will continue with Purston Golden Guinea (owned by Debbie and Paul at Barnacre Alpacas). RIP our lovely Legs.

Legacy of Purston

Thankfully Robyn, Craig and Ben didn't have to deal with the situation whilst we were away at the weekend. On Friday we headed down to Wiltshire. Ironically after the event being postponed the weekend before due to bad weather down south, it was us who had the bad weather this time. Luckily we decided to set off in good time, and we could hear on the radio the chaos that we had left behind; with the M6 junction nearest to home blocked completely south bound!

On Friday evening we met up with the Might Patou Alpacas...but it was early to bed ready for the big day ahead...a shooting party, kindly organised by Matt and Cathy Lloyd of EP Cambridge Alpaca Stud. Everyone had a great time...pheasants shot versus bottles of wine consumed...I wonder which was the bigger tally...actually I know the answer without a doubt! The weather was kind and the company and food excellent, just what we needed. It was also great to catch up with Jenny and Graham (Fowberry Alpacas) and Tim and Tracey (Inca Alpacas)...alpacas did crop up during the conversation once or twice as you might imagine!

Paul looking the part...anyone who does not approve of shooting need have no concerns though!!!

I still haven't managed to get completely over my chest infection and having managed to enjoy the weekend I am now suffering and on another course of antibiotics. At the doctors practice they are calling it the 100 day flu as it is taking so long to get over. Still I will be in Mauritius, on the beach, on Sunday....yipee!


  1. Sorry to here about Legacy, it's so sad saying goodbye isn't it.

    Have a great holiday...just what the doctor ordered to finally see off that flu!

  2. Sorry to hear about Legacy and that you continue to feel unwell. Hopefully your holiday will help, rest and relax in the sun :) Lisa

  3. Really sorry about Legacy - lovely photo. Mauritius eh? - Have a great time, if you see any alpacas for sale there........leave them there! Take care. Shirley & Robbie

  4. Sad day. Thanks Legacy for Fin and Noah, our two lovely friendly boys. Have a great trip, just what you need.

  5. RIP Legacy, he was such a gent. As for your trip tp Mauritius, I'm envious, very envious!!

  6. Sorry to read your sad news...our alpacas are part of the family and are sadly missed...thankfully he leaves behind some lovely progeny. Hope you get well soon... if you can't recover in Mauritius there's no hope for us in Blighty !! Hope the sport of sunbathing is more enjoyable than that of the previous weekends antics ! .... Jayne

  7. So sorry to read about Legacy.

    Enjoy Mauritius!