Monday, 1 October 2012

Alpaca scarves and doves!

It's been another alpaca filled weekend, with visitors both Saturday and Sunday. I have sold an alpaca which I said would never be for alpaca that we all love. No not Explorer, he most definitely is is a female, but I best say no more for now.

The online shop has also been busy. I think winter must be looming! Our latest range of scarves arrived on Friday. Woven for us in Scottish Borders, on antique wooden looms, they are unique to us. It is always exciting (if a little nerve-racking) opening the boxes. These scarves (or wraps -  they are very generous) have a much less brushed finish, when compared to the last range we had made. I have already chosen one for myself (I know wearing the potential profit!)

Just one of the new Beck Brow Alpacas scarf designs

I know that I need to make some females available for sale, we have had a lot of interest lately. I don't normally advertise particular females, as I like to try to match alpacas to potential buyers individual needs if I can. I will stick with this approach at present, but there a few that will not be on the list. One of those is Rumour Has It (if for no other reason that Amanda would be VERY mad indeed) she has made it into the core herd.

Beck Brow Rumour Has It...Guess who I share my Mum with?

Yes, Beck Brow Explorer

Burton Constable April (black) much more confident and now very much part of the Beck Brow herd.

Beck Brow Finesse...pretty!

I have let the doves go free. I took down the cage and waited...waited for them fly gracefully around the farm...waited for them to enjoy their new freedom...and I waited. Three hours later they ventured from the hutch to the roof of the shed, a few meters away. Sometimes they walk (yes walk, not fly) up to the top of the roof. Not quite as entertaining as I had expected, but at least they haven't flown away.

The doves


  1. Lovely scarves and great photos of the doves and the alpacas....just in time for the winter rush ! and what better way to keep warm wrapped in alpaca .....Jayne

  2. Top class scarves/wraps, Barbara. Love that Finesse too! Shirley & Robbie

  3. Lovely looking knitwear, or is the wovenwear? Sold a 'special one', crumbs crikey!!

  4. The scarf looks lovely. I wonder who you have sold...don't we just we could keep everyone?!

  5. Bit late with this comment - but - lovely scarves!!