Wednesday 17 October 2012

Comings and Goings...

Life seems to be none stop alpaca these days, and that's just the way I like it to be. However, I seem to have had little time to blog nor to take any photos (not that it has stopped raining for long enough). So just a quick catch up before I set off to Bozedown Alpacas (near Reading) for the next level of the BAS judging course. Hopefully I might get a glimpse of my new girls bought at the Alpaca Classic last month...yes notice the plural...more on that another time.

Saturday saw me stewarding at the Yorkshire Alpaca Group Show. An early start, but after last year 's entries (110) the 75 alpacas who attended this year, were inspected and ready to go in record time. Well done Tina and Julia on a well organised show, and a big thanks to everyone who stewarded (all very slick!). The fancy dress alpaca class is always a great draw with the crowds. Now, some of us attend these shows with our our eye on the cup...the Supreme Championship one that is...but for our friends at Cockerham Alpacas I suspect this was the one they were after....winner of the cup for best fancy dress....a runaway winner...Charles Henderson with Cockerham Mr Bojangles!

Sunday we had a very sociable day. Firstly we went to visit a family who have purchased some females from us, and wanted some advice regarding division of their land. They have a fantastic set up and I know the girls will be very happy there (always good to know in advance where they will be going ). We had a lovely time talking alpaca and were treated to a very nice lunch too. Exciting times ahead.

We dashed back just before Bev and Andy arrived from Lane House Alpcas in Yorkshire. After some cria inspections (Domingo was Noah's brother there may have been just a little bias), and bottle feeding, we headed off down to The Pheasant at Cumwhitton for some rather nice pub grub. Now that's what a call a great day!

Monday and more alpaca chatter with a visit from another new owner. I did say that I had sold one of my favourite is a is one that I thought that I would be keeping forever. However, I always say that I match alpacas to prospective buyers needs; so when someone came looking for a female who would make a pair of females (bought at auction) in to a happier group of three...Minnie seemed to fit the bill. I know, lovely, friendly, sweet Minnie...but she is going to a new owner who has a wealth of animal husbandry experience...she will be well looked after, and will only be 20 minutes away.

The photo of Minnie and Robyn used on our business cards

Now, should I replace her with some new genetics....someone perfect for Beck Brow Explorer....the perfect girl might just be available...she has the perfect pedigree for him...too tempting to resist?


  1. Must be the time of year for "comings and goings!" as I began to draft my next post and had exactly the same title!!

    Hope the course goes well and I'm wondering...who will be this new girl be?!

  2. Respect to anyone who takes part or helps at a show at this time of year!

  3. yo choose genetic well. go for it. but make sure you get the noah temprament gene captured !

  4. yo choose genetic well. go for it. but make sure you get the noah temprament gene captured !