Friday 26 October 2012

Weigh Hey!

I have had a lovely day today with some like minded people...these people are not a common breed...some might even think us elite (I have other descriptions!)...although our numbers are growing and the condition is highly contagious...yes, today I have been with fellow alpaca nuts...and whats even more exciting is that they are newly obsessed alpaca nuts!

They were on duty early this morning for feed time (Camelibra and bottle feeds) followed by some hands-on experience. It was cria weigh-in and general inspection day today which is always a favourite task.. Foxy Sox was the light weight at 15.5kgs (but she is the youngest). At the other end of the scale (literally) was Coco (39.5kgs), Lexus (39kgs) and Shackleton (31kgs). I think we are going to have to think about some weaning soon...oh I do so hate it.

Also on the dislike list is deciding which boys are going on the pet boy for sale list. I have decided; now I just need to get some photos and put them on the website...maybe next week! Marco will be one of those, he is high on the cute stakes and had us all in stiches today with his posing...he seemed to be somewhere in every photo taken by our visitors today...never mind Where's Wally it was Where's Marco!

Beck Brow Pedro and Beck Brow Bendrago...For sale?

 Beck Brow Marco...Mr Cute Pants!

 Beck Brow Domingo getting kisses from Velvet.

Pea pods...Beck Brow Paulo and Beck Brow Advantage (behind)

Whilst our visitors were here, we did all keep remarking that we hadn't seen Velvet since her initial, very enthusiastic greeting, as they exited their vehicle..."she will be in the wood" I kept reassuring them....although I was thinking 5 hours was a bit extreme...well, all became apparent when our guests got in their car to leave...there was Velvet on the passenger seat!

I received the news last night that I have passed the BAS Stage 2 Judges Course and I am to start as an apprentice...I was rather I am rather scared!


  1. Well done!

    I'm still loving Mr cutie pants ears......

  2. Congratulations!
    We'll be looking out for you and your oral reasoning!
    I feel a shopping trip is called for to get some suitable judging clothes with bits to lay the fleece on - or have you already got all that?!
    I fear the cold has got to me and I am rambling!

  3. Congrats on passing your test! Now the real fun begins. :)

    And I'd take Mr. Cutie Pants if I were able ...

  4. Well done on passing the Stage 2! Being the apprentice sounds enjoyable, apart from being the target for spits and kicks!

  5. Well Done Barbara .... The Apprentice ... does that mean 'Sir Allen' is in charge !! Im sure it will be an experience, lovely photos of the cute babies ... weaning time ..... can't believe its here already !.........Jayne

  6. Really lovely set of photos - and very well done on passing your course. Paul will be taking you out for a celebratory dinner no doubt .................... Shirley & Robbie

  7. Those crias all look gorgeous and sooo clean! Our light coloured alpacas look very dirty at the you have en suite facilities for them to shower themselves off before posing for a photo?!