Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Two Amigos

I realise that my blogging has been a bit hit and miss of late. This is because I like to have fact most of the time the photos do the talking. However, the wet weather has been making photography a bit of a challenge...but not today...there is something up in the sky that is is warm...I can't quite remember what its called...but the alpacas are loving it.

 So the camera has been out....

 Beck Brow Snooty Boots

Despite the lack of sun on their backs, the yearlings have really had a growth spurt since getting clipped. I think that we will be mating most of them this year...

Beck Brow Snooty Boots looking all grown Waradene St Patrickof EPC is her daddy...who shall she be mated to?

The exception will be Easter-Wood Adelle...not because she isn't big enough...but something makes me think that she just might not be mature enough...

Easter-Wood Metisha with Easter-Wood Adelle (she was weaned and Metisha doesn't have milk she just plays about on the teats!)

Pebbles has now fully adopted Bendrago (who was Ben then went to Benjamin and is now Bendrago) The change in name is because I call him and Pedro the Two Amigos...

Pebbles, Pedro and Bendrago



Beck Brow Pedro...doing very well on shared rations!

Paul has had a week off work, but despite having a number of girls due, he hasn't seen a birth. Mind you it has rained all week. He has spent his time putting up new guttering on the barn as the old system wasn't coping with the down pours...what a way to spent your summer hols!

 Biba not due quite yet but bulging at the ready

Cambridge Camilla who has looked like she was going to birth for two weeks now!

The photos would have been better if I had put on the filter lens...but I forgot it and didn't have the energy to walk back. My poor old body aches all over (I haven't felt like this since I used to do aerobics...and when I last did aerobics people wore fluorescent a decade or two ago). I have just completed the Advanced Life Support why am I aching?...days of CPR (I know it looks easy on Holby City, but believe me it's hard work). Well that's it passed and valid for another four years.

Paul is off watching England play Australia at Durham, so I think I will just enjoy the sun and rest the aches and pains!


  1. Filter or not filter, lovely photos. Unfortunately it would seem you have had our good weather because it is wet and windy down here. No chance of getting any good photos here today!

  2. Great news on the adoption - so much easier than bottle feeding! Great pics

  3. Snooty Boots really looks like her dad, doesnt she?

    1. His absolute double Sharon...We adore her!

  4. I bet Pebbles is first in line for breakfast, to stock-up for feeding those two - great pics, and good to see that somewhere is dry and bright...

  5. You certainly know how to capture a story in photo's Barbara! Great pics!

  6. What photos...and those babies are obviously thriving together...Pebbles is an amazing alpaca !!...those girls are looking swell, I hope they pick a nice dry day for those new arrivals......Jayne