Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Third Time Lucky for Camilla!

I think yesterday must have been our wettest summer day to date. The rain was add a little variety the weather did change every now and again...changing between torrential and plain old cats and dogs kind of rain!

A good day to give birth?...Camilla thought so. Now Cambridge Camilla is one of our best females (quite possibly THE best) so this alone puts us on high alert when she goes in to labour...add to that she has had 2 births; Beck Brow Explorer who needed a plasma transfusion (we will let her off as he has gone on to be a multiple Supreme Champion) and Beck Brow Rumour Has It, who was born unable to lift her head and needed lots of physio (but also a prize winner).

Well, Camilla surprised us in more ways than one. Camilla has read the text book and read it well. Firstly she came in out of the rain and took herself into the area that we have for newly born cria (right under the heat lamp). She had a trouble free birth within half an hour of going in to labour. The cria was up on its feet and drinking within the hour. Placenta passed within the hour too. The other surprise? He is most definitely beige (none of this; is he isn't he this time). Although Waradene St Patrick of EPC ( his sire) is fawn, we thought Camilla (sire Accoyo Remarque) with her pure white pedigree would have produced a white. Good work Camilla and St Patrick!

St Patrick is doing an excellent job for us, producing some great cria in all colours. He is undoubtedly an improver, but he has surpassed our expectations as an enhancer -when put over our elite girls- he has added real brightness and a fabulous handle to their progeny. We have just received a photo of a St Patrick cria born from one of his mobile matings last year. A beautiful light fawn female from a white dam (see bottom photo)...a happy customer!

Cambridge Camilla and Son

 "I am rather wet but definitely beige"

"Hang on Mum it's me she wants in the photo"

Photo showing the colour of female from white dam belonging to client

I did say when we bought the paddock sweeper that I would give some feedback when we had used it for a while. Well, I can say that we are pleased with it's performance. It has saved us hours of work every week. Paul did make a slight modification in lengthening the skirt so poo cannot flick forward, and our paddocks are pretty flat, but is doing the job well for us.


  1. Congrats Camilla on third time lucky, and good onya St P, we are so happy you are doing such a great job. Keep up the great work.

  2. Congratulations on the newest edition! It's been a busy summer in the birthing area for you.

  3. Congratulations on the cria. Would love details on the sweeper - what happens when the poo's reduced to soggy plops with all this rain?

    1. Paul did the research Karen and decided on the Suffolk sweeper. He also does the sweeping and doesn't tend to do it when it is very wet (we have an odd dry day in Cumbria). It works best doing each length in both directions. We still use the pooover in certain areas but it has more than halved the time we spend paddock cleaning and is much less physical (especially as Paul now does it because it involves a tractor!). It obviously can't get 100% by the nature of how it works but I am happy and I like lovely clean paddocks!

  4. Great potos as always Barbara. Hope the rain has eased a bit now. shirley & Robbie

  5. Barbara, your alpacas always look you shapoo them every day or just once a week?! I think we need some tips!

  6. Congratulations Barbara, ST Pat Seems to be doing the job!

  7. Congratulations, gorgeous cria and great photos, I wish my girls we oblige and come inside to birth! especially this year with all this rain!